Dream Big. Lie Hard

EAG: PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Pittsburgh’s newly hired superintendent has a problem with plagiarism.

Anthony Hamlet, who was hired in May to head the city’s public schools, is accused of plagiarizing portions of his resume, including his “educational philosophy,” which the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette claims was lifted from a Washington Post editorial last year.

“This, as well as other revelations about facts stated on Mr. Hamlet’s resume, has galvanized some to demand that the school board find a different leader for the district,” according to the news site.

Hamlet is serving as a district consultant at a rate of $807.70 a day “for the purpose of transition and planning activities” through the end of the month, when he’s supposed to take over the helm of the district’s 54 schools full time, with a salary of $210,000 a year, the Tribune-Review reports.

But Hamlet is scrambling to explain the plagiarism, which consisted of a few sentences from the editorial, as well as questions about his track record at Palm Beach County schools in Florida, where he served as a principal of Riviera Beach’s John F. Kennedy Middle School.  MORE

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  1. It’s not like he claimed to an Indian, identified as white, got 4 people killed in Benghazi or anything.

    He just lied and plagiarized.
    Heck, he could be Vice President.

  2. Seriously, is there a Democrat on the planet that has even an ounce of integrity? And once again the product of affirmative action.

  3. Q: How can you tell someone is perfectly qualified to run a school district?

    A: The fucking democrats running your town will never fucking hire them… ever.

  4. and little Johnny little Jamal little Pedro
    cannot read cause demo-crap scum sucked up all
    money for bloated school admin.

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