Dregs of society attack Trump supporter’s car

Some scumbag tries to disrupt a Trump gathering and a fed up guy smacks the bastard.  This moment is used by opportunistic Trump detractors, ones that would normally be in favor of smacking around leftist douchewagons, to show how Trump would be horrible for this, otherwise, “gentle peaceful world.”

Now the scumbags of society surround a Trump supporter’s car and intimidates and ransacks and spits on it and graffitis it and …. crickets. Trump is still the undesirable intolerant angry one that would end the country as we know it.


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  1. And my response to this mob would have been:
    “Yes officer, I felt that my life was in danger and/or I feared severe bodily harm.
    Yes, my XDm 9mm holds 19 in the mag and one in the pipe so that means, with the extra four mags I had on my belt that I had only 96 rounds available to me. Yes, I felt it necessary to expend them all.
    Upset? Yes, I’m upset – that ammunition cost $1.00 a round and I’m out close to a hundred bucks.”

  2. Welcome to “Cinco de Everyday” by 2020 if the wall ain’t built and the deportations don’t start. Fine the employer of illegals into bankruptcy and cut all welfare/health care benefits to non citizens…

  3. Mr. Mxyzptlk, 10 round max in Cali. Only terrorists and criminals are allowed to have high cap mags.
    Situations like this are where situational awareness is paramount. This would be much more fun make MoFo’s comatose on the perimeter of this scrum than getting stuck in the middle.
    Not many carry permits in SoCal, but that circus is coming to Northern California soon and it’s a different story here.

  4. Mr. Mxyzptlk, Another thought. When somebody busts out a hand cannon and starts smoking these bastards they will be arrested and charged. However I bet they get off due to the fact that LEO has lost control of the situation. I believe in most states there is actaully a penal code that protects the individual in cases like this. I know Cali. has one. The example I was given was the Koreans that were on the tops of their businesses during the Watts riots. Black lives didn’t matter that day and nobody was ever charged.

  5. Bad_Brad . . . I feel your pain.
    Seeing that I can reload in 1.5 seconds means that if I had to carry 10 round mags, I’d just have to carry more of them. The powers-that-be never understood that, or wanted to.

  6. This double standard is easy to understand:

    We the people were sold out by BOTH parties long ago.

    They wouldn’t piss on us if we were on fire.

    The new world order they want to install is worth $TRILLIONS$ to them!

    Now you know why they are throwing hysterical hissy fits at the thought of someone beyond their control putting an end to their evil schemes.

    Let’s make America Great Again!

  7. These muchachos don’t realise they are making Trump’s case for him.
    Or maybe they do. Either way, their action explains the case.

  8. My FB feed is full of the violence going on in California. My FB friends are about evenly split on hating either Cruz or hating Trump and all sides are condemning the protesters. I have not seen a single example of blaming Trump. I’m not saying it isn’t there somewhere, but it appears to me that the blame is placed squarely where it belongs…on the stupid freeloading progs.

  9. Menderman,
    It appears BLM and La Raza have joined forces and are organizing on twitter and FB. They are threatening violence against Trump supporters and they are saying their numbers will continue to increase and any Trump events. Time to start fighting back.

  10. This is why I have no stickers or adornments of any kind on the Lazlomobile.
    Yes I have opinions, and they are often caustic.
    But I drive a lot for my work and I do not need to have miscreants plotting mischief on my six.

  11. Rioting used to be a felony. Now it is a defense if you remember the Reginald Denny case.

    Only a matter of time before someone smokes a few of those middle-class socialist bastids. I’ve heard biker gangs are heading to the GOP convention. We’ll see how brave the SJWs are then.


  12. BB, large capacity magazines are NOT illegal in CA.
    Newbies like yourself are barred from owning or purchasing them but those of us who have owned firearms for a while have them and we can own and use them as we please.
    Also, there are over 40,000 concealed carry permit holders walking around in this state, so don’t count on the person you piss off to be unarmed. Most people who carry don’t shoot idiots, but there are times when it can be tempting.
    Also, Trump was just in Sanfagdisco.

  13. “Newbies like yourself are barred from owning or purchasing”

    I’m an 007 FFL with a California High Cap Mag permit you fucking moron.
    Here’s what I want you to do. Slap a 15 round mag into your favorite piece of Tupperware, flag down a COP, and show them what you have shoved in your gun. Let’s see how that works out. I got to hand it to you, you’re getting dumber with every post.

  14. BB & JohnS, isn’t it a bit early for tonight’s knock-down-drag-out?

    Lazlo, I agree, too many asswagon’s out there that would damage your vehicle.
    Of course a Bernie sticker would simply get you a few thumbs ups, strange looks, and a lot of people shaking their heads.

  15. This is why it’s good to have the biggest car you can get hold of, and preferably with 4WD & strong tires. Maybe install one of those cow pusher thingies like trains used to have on the front end as well. I would hate to be trapped like that and would likely not suffer it long before seeing how far I could drive through/over the mob rather than sit there waiting for something worse to start happening or help that won’t arrive. Drive big ugly things cuz your life may depend on it.

  16. The Lazlomobile will one day be equipped with four high frequency ceramic speakers and amplified drivers facing in all directions, capable of decibel levels previously achievable only by NASA, the Military and High Pressure Volcanic eruptions.
    Then me, Andy Williams, and Perry Como are going out looking for trouble.

  17. JohnS may be a pain in the ass sometimes… but you guys gotta admit that when he’s right, he’s right. We should cherish his pain-in-the-assedness… not be pricks.

  18. And I don’t want one cent of MY money going to these leftist whores! I don’t give a fuck who you support! @#shitlary!

  19. JohnS you have to be the stupidest person I have ever seen on iOTW. And I have no doubt that you are a Cruz Troll. You have insulted so many long time posters here I am really dumbfounded that Mr.Hat has let you go on so long with your lies and bullshit.Brad is everything he says he is. I have quit commenting here because of your attacks on anyone who supports the next president of The United States Donald J. Trump. You are a weak sister, and a liar.

  20. Anon, I know who the Trumpletons are here, they all attack me. Most have the courage to use their screen names.
    I don’t attack anyone, but I don’t let stupidity stand. Brad has threatened me for pointing out his ignorance on many issues, firearms being at the top of the list.
    The clown is an over the top braggart who gets tripped up by his own statements even when it is not late in the evening.
    I get attacked and called names here all the time. I don’t go after Czar and his five friends that ridicule me almost every day. Why should I , they just don’t like some facts that I bring up, and unlike Bradly, they haven’t threatened to kill me.
    Also, FUR knows I am not a Cruz supporter. I just don’t believe that destroying the Republican party is a viable solution as that would leave just the Democrats and a mass of squabbling special interests that could never accomplish anything.

  21. Thank you for outing yourself.
    I guess you can dish out the insults, but the couple of times I didn’t ignore them proved too much. Sorry about that.

  22. OK JohnS here’s the deal. You attack me constantly in my wheel house. I think your frothing at the mouth so hard your just writing shit down. Lots of sharp people here at IOTW and they spot incorrect shit fast. I am not your enemy unless you want to continue to make me so. Stop and think before you post. I mean this in the most constructive freindly way possible.

  23. Bradly
    I should respect you for threatening to kill me?
    Actually I find it hilarious.
    I have no clue what you are in your wheel house with your 007 FFL and profound ignorance of CA gun laws, but you only fooling the uninformed.
    If firearms are your “wheelhouse” then at least bother to learn the laws and nomenclature involved.
    You were wrong about the magazine law, and you want me to believe you a firearm “expert”?
    A one off issue I can abide, but you do this all the time.
    Man up, apologize for threatening me, stick to what you know, and the whole issue goes away.
    Actually just manning up would be good enough for me. You probably are incapable of sticking to what you know.


  24. Well hell, I thought I’d try. I can be your best friend or you worst enemy and I really don’t have much in between. I’ll hold a cease fire until YOU start it again. Totally up to you.

  25. Ok son what ever floats your boat.
    I offered you that, just quit calling me out, and you gave me the flying FU.
    So now you want me to quit pointing out when make a fool of yourself?
    My deal stands. Man up or Foff.
    Either way, If you spout ignorance in my area of expertize I am going to call you on it.

  26. And I told you before don’t call me son. Had a father. An honerable man. Especially since your like a whopping 3 years older than me.

  27. Carry on kid. Your claims about your age are likely as valid as your claims to firearms knowledge.
    I note that you never argue that I am wrong, just that I am an asshole.
    Well kid, there are those who know, and those who pose, when you mature a bit you will understand the importance of that.
    I really don’t care, or want to know why you are pretending to be an expert in a field you know little about.
    That is for your analyst.
    In a nutshell;
    Quit calling me out, and quit pretending to know shit you don’t.
    Your Dad should have told you that 4 years ago when you were 10.

  28. JohnS, You picked your poison asshole. If you doubt how fucking rediculois and uninformed you sound and are, please read through this thread. I offered an olive branch and you slapped it down. If I were you I’d leave me alone. Up to you and you don’t need to respond. Here we are. Figure it out.

  29. Crap Brad, How drunk are you?
    You are incoherent and can’t spell anymore.
    Kids like you shouldn’t drink.

  30. Hey JohnS, I’m really starting to think you are homeless on the streets of SF with a cell phone. I tried to diffuse this. You didn’t want any of it. Keep the petty insults flying. Really doesn’t matter. I did the right thing here, you were a dick.

  31. JohnS you are a horses ass. Unlike BB I will not extend an olive branch, so tell us some more lies about how great Cruz the liar is.

  32. Geoff, just making sure I was on the right side of things here Bro. I need a clear conscious. I’ve been real hard on an easy target. Too easy. I’ll no longer argue with him he’s dilusional and could use some help. There’s no joy in kicking the disadvantaged.

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