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Drinkalot – Patrick Kennedy’s Tale of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness in the Kennedy Clan

The last member of the Kennedy clan to hold public office and youngest son of Senator Ted Kennedy, Patrick, has penned a book on his famous family giving an insider look at the darker reaches of “Camelot.”

 Patrick Kennedy

 Complete with speculation on the mental illness in his parent’s generation (his aunt Rosemary) and in his own (the drug overdose of cousin David) Patrick shouldn’t be expecting an invitation to the Kennedy clan Christmas party this year.


Patrick also relates stories on the alcoholism of his parents as well as his battles with the same plus being bi-polar. 


A quite enjoyable review of Patrick’s Memoir


19 Comments on Drinkalot – Patrick Kennedy’s Tale of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness in the Kennedy Clan

  1. Sometimes, people become sociopaths due to lax or incompetent parenting or simply by unlucky circumstances. But the Kennedy clan actually breed sociopaths like they were thoroughbred races horses, something to be proud of.

  2. My Dads bumper sticker for years – Support the wildlife, party with the Kennedys, Removed them when John John died.

  3. Patrick shouldn’t be expecting a big run on his book either. I won’t buy one cause I don’t care about the Kennedys.

  4. The Kennedy’s were worse than the Clinton’s.
    Sounds impossible but it is.

  5. the story of rosemary kennedy is truly tragic

    they lobotomized and institutionalized her at a young age

    maybe they thought this would cure her emotional issues

    she lived as retarded for her remaining life, which was long

    in addition to the failed procedure, her father never visited her after the lobotomy, the mom only 20 years after putting her away

  6. Freaky eye?
    Fuck…his whole face looks like it was put together with spare parts.

  7. It’s not just the freaky eyes but it also looks like he has a broken nose. I never liked Kennedy’s, any of them, they’re all bunch of reprobates or what my late wife’s grandmother called scallywags which was the closest she ever got to cussing.

  8. I won’t wish Ted and Joan on any kids, but Patrick was unable to over come his upbringing and ended up not amounting to much. This book won’t improve his legacy or his wallet.

    Still there is something to be said about airing the dirty Ted Kennedy laundry to confirm what anyone could see for their own eyes, he was a drunk and a nasty excuse for a human being. Curse MA for putting him in the Senate and leaving him there to feaster and poison the nation and our politics. That will be Teddy’s legacy; brutish, ugly and destructive.

  9. The Kennedys have been a curse on America from the get-go. From Old Joe’s rum-running and admiration of the Nazis in WWII to the womanizing, murdering drunken lout sons for whose “prominence” he bought and paid for.

    And STILL, the MFM Left treats them like royalty.

  10. The Kennedy’s started the ball rolling closing down mentall institutions.

  11. I wonder if he’ll give up his inheritance if he thinks so lowly of his heritage. I mean, who would want dirty money?

  12. What a loser. His bachelor’s degree is from Providence College, which I regard as little more than a drinking school for stupid rich kids.

  13. And his teeth are yellow. Ewwwwww……

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