Driver Who Hit Protester Blocking Road Has Case Dismissed After No-Show In Court By Plaintiff


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21 Comments on Driver Who Hit Protester Blocking Road Has Case Dismissed After No-Show In Court By Plaintiff

  1. A criminal trial, complete with discovery of the plaintiff, was more than plaintiff wished to expose.
    I suspect he has an expansive criminal history, including outstanding warrants.

  2. Still had to hire a lawyer, I try and stay out of down town.
    Kind of like enemy territory, I have to be on a mission from God.

  3. That was not even the worst part. Antifa needs to be crushed.
    Back in the 1970’s into the 1980’s these little punks would have had their butt’s kicked.

  4. “maybe he knocked some sense into him”

    Or maybe the plaintiff has outstanding warrants. Assholes who block traffic usually do.

  5. So where is the day in court for the same fascists who terrorized that older gentleman in Portland. It happened around the same time.

  6. If you are stupid enough to stand in front of a moving car it’s not the drivers fault. That being said, he should have made a run at the moron.

  7. one thing is clear, that protester walked INTO the car’s path, at the last second, even after the car slowed to a stop……. his intention was to get hit and cause a stir. THAT is why he didnt show up, because he knows full well, he not only would have lost the case, but probably been taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

  8. NEW LAW: Driver’s not liable for negligence

    You stand in traffic, you know the risks, driver not liable for your safety.

    Anyone else agree?

  9. Should touch up report. Plaintiff refers to civil case. Case involving government charges (e.g. misdemeanors) is a criminal case. Should also mention that ANTIFA is a communist terrorist group of Democrats and that several of them, including the witness, committed crimes and (I assume) they were not charged by the corrupt Democrat prosecutor.

  10. Was that Beto O’Rourke behind the wheel, mistaking future brain surgeon as children in the street?

  11. Given the history of injury to people from protestors it is only prudent to drive away from the problem rather than become a victim. Anyone who tries to prevent you fleeing should be charged with illegally restraining you as should his accomplices. The scared driver did exactly right, removed himself from danger without injuring the thug.


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