Droniots – IOTW Report


A fast moving wildfire swept across a California highway, burning 20 cars. Fortunately, no drivers were injured.

Air units that could have been dispatched to quash the flames were delayed for 26 minutes because as many as five drones were observed flying in the area.


Authorities report that this was the fourth time drones got in the way and keep the firefighting aircraft from doing their job.


“Hey everyone, look at the cool footage I shot of my neighbor’s house going up in flames.”

8 Comments on Droniots

  1. Hopefully, someone has the names of the drone operators and the lawsuits have already begun. For once, those California lawyers may be useful after all.

  2. 5 minutes searching on Google you can find directions for making your own drone signal jammer. Should be standard equipment for every fire crew.

  3. Some folks are promoting the outlawing of these things. Be very careful about jumping on this wagon. I do agree though, people should use discretion before flying.

  4. There are FAA regulations for flying these things. Unfortunately this is now a lawless country and these regulations are not being enforced. The days where most people could be depended on to use common sense and do the right thing are long gone. If they are “free” to fly these things whenever and wherever, then I am “free” to electronically jam their signal to protect my privacy and safety.

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