Drop Dead Meghan McCain

Megham McCain mocked Trump during her eulogy, using a bitch face and an eye roll, saying “The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”

Pffft. America got better after your dad’s departure. You best keep your sausage garage closed. Here’s a reminder of how the left felt about your dad-

Huffpo 2008: McCain mentally unfit to he president

Huffpo 2012: McCain a racist and a woman hater

Huffpo 2018: McCain a bipartisan American hero.  – m a r t i n@repairerofkayak

Tap the breaks on this lionization you’re enjoying. The left is only praising the stiff because they hate Trump more. To get caught up in that sentiment means you’re naive and stupid.




America is, was, and always will be great. That’s why Donald Trump gave up a cushy life as a celebrated billionaire mogul so he could be viciously attacked around-the-clock for advancing the interests of the United States—the country he vowed to champion against all enemies. Foreign or domestic.

Instead of peacefully celebrating her dad’s life, Meghan McCain used her eulogy as a cheap stunt to repeatedly jab at his political nemesis.

“We gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness,” Meghan spat (see video below). “The real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who lived lives of comfort and privilege.”

While most people let go of old grudges on their deathbeds, McCain apparently spent his last days obsessing over Donald Trump. As BizPac Review previously reported, McCain prepared a last statement on his deathbed that attacked President Trump.

In his parting shots, McCain blasted nationalism (i.e., pride in the United States) and dismissed the border wall, which experts agree is needed to stem the tsunami of illegal immigration, human trafficking, and the alarming opioid epidemic that is roiling America.


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  1. I tend to not speak ill of the dead, but I hated McCain when he was alive so… just reporting that there’s been no change on that front. In fact, I think I like him better dead.

    Now Meghan is upset and lashing out, I get that. But she better settle her ample ass down in the next few weeks or she will be added to my shit list along with her damned daddy.

  2. Meghan and others made sure Trump was at the funeral after all. Talk about honoring the dead! That being said, her politicizing it was a disgrace.

  3. She seems angry instead of grieving. Is that what happens when funeral proceedings drag on for days? Not even buried until tomorrow.

  4. She knows her dad was a big part of trying to overthrow the lawfully elected president of the United States, right? The dossier bag man.

  5. Meghan McCain is ill mannered and vindictive, just like her old man.
    While the fakes and phonies waked the guy in the draped coffin, Trump was in their heads.

  6. I know we’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead but what of the dead and their family using the eulogy to speak ill of the living?

    Same ole, same ole. They attack and if anyone retaliates then it is they who are low born.

    Anyone who could stand to watch that dumpster fire that should have been a cremation saw everything wrong with Washington in one room. In one row.

    The club that you aren’t allowed to join.

    I was particularly moved by Meggy Mac’s story about falling off her pony. Real “of the people” touch that.

  7. I still don’t know why Sarah Palin chose a bitter old cheat like McCain in 2008. She’s so much better than that.

  8. Meghan, you ignorant slut.
    A funeral is not a place for insults
    This is a place for insults, though.
    You giant, giant fraud.

  9. My parents are watching the McCain funeral spectacle and my Mom’s observation is that,” they must have planned this funeral years ago with the thinking that McCain was a President and deserved this kind of ceremony.”

    They both think it’s over the top. I haven’t watched any of it.

  10. I’ve come close to pulling muscles this past week, trying to get to the remote quick enough to change the channel, or mute the TV every time I saw or heard anything related to this circus.

    And I was doing pretty good, until today. I had to run a friend of mine to the emergency room this morning, and I was stuck in the waiting room listening to most of that crap on the TV. I wouldn’t watch it, but I couldn’t keep from hearing most of it. The only thing that kept me from becoming physically ill was the fact that I know damn well all the bullshit they were slinging around ain’t gonna do a damn thing about where his final destination will be.

    That’s gonna make the Hanoi Hilton seem like a kindergarten social, Johnny boy. Rot in hell, you bastard.

  11. Lindsey “invited” Ivanka/Jared to the funeral. Of course knowing the bashing Trump would receive from Meghan/Bush/obama was Lindsey’s farewell kiss to his pal.
    Meghan’s grief was on full display from AZ to the Rotundra services, she literally trembled with violent shoulder jerking silent sobs, sans mascara streaked tears…. every time the cameras cut to her.

    You notice who didn’t appear to be grieving? Cindy McCain. In fact, she appeared annoyed at
    Meghan’s over the top performance. No, I think Cindy was ready to be rid of John the fraud years ago.

  12. “The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”

    Were that true, we wouldn’t be waiting for multiple prosecutions for treason and corruption, prosecutions we all know likely won’t happen [I’ll say it if no one else will, Q be danged].

  13. McCains’ part in the treasonous Russian Dossier shitstorm has yet to be fully explored… remember, McCain sent his political fixer over to London to pick up his personal, gold-plated copy. Splatter will be widespread.

  14. I get it that this man many people do not care for is her father – so, sure, she will be upset.

    My mom used to say, “There is a time and place for everything.” And a funeral is to remember the person who passed, not use it to continue political squabbling. Adding that sentence in was a disgrace. So she hates Trump? Whoop dee do. She can have whatever opinion she likes but her refusal to leave it at the door for one f***ing hour shows her up as a great friend to the rabid left and more allied to dividing Americans than uniting.

  15. Wow, somebody could use a Snickers Bar or two or three or a whole box. And it’s Make America Great Again not Make America Fat Again.

    Wonder if Ole Bill was givin her the once over like he was the no talent Ariana ho at the Franklin funeral?

  16. Just saw about two minutes of Joe Biden speaking at McNasty’s funeral. What a phucking actor he is! Oscar material.

  17. I was surfing Sirius and stopped on Ch 113 just long enough to hear that line. I didn’t know who was speaking, but my immediate thought was “how classless to disgrace a funeral with a cheap political pun to try to harm Trump”. That was McCain all the way – classless at the end.

  18. Meghan’s purpose in life was to park her fatass on the far right chair on The View and defend her dying daddy.

    What does she have left now? Will they keep her on the air to tell bigger and bigger lies about the little self-serving punk that we saw serve himself over country countless times over the last few DECADES??

    Go home, you big bag of nonsense.

  19. “America is, was, and always will be great”

    Yes dear, yer right. So how come yer daddy’s buddy the Øbamboozler (who waxed to eloquently about John McCain) thought that America was so bad it needed to be “Fundamentally Transformed”!
    And how come you never thought to ask him about that!

  20. Maybe the cheap, lying, incompetent, vacationing, golfing, partying, out-of-touch, Gay-obsessed, momjeans-wearing, shame gland missing, narcissistic, vindictive, arrogant, finger-pointing, Bush-blaming, no-records, gun-running, Treasury-looting, economy-wrecking, Healthcare-destroying, teleprompter-reading, process-circumventing, Benghazi bullshitting, Peace-Prize stealing, selfie-posing, productivity-obstructing, court-tampering, flat-footed, Bullgarian-speaking, flame-throwing, monument-Barrycading, stone-walling, divisive, radical, communist-organizing, country-dividing, gum-chewing, celebrity gad-fly and racist, lawless phoney-baloney, tone-deaf, plastic banana republic socialist door-knob is the one who should have been excluded instead of President Donald J. Trump!!

  21. “nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who lived lives of comfort and privilege.”

    Oh, tell us about that pony again, Meggie. And tell us about how your daddy left his first wife because she got fat.
    Say… You’re fat and your daddy left you, too. Weird coincidence, huh?

    (ooh that’s low, MJA)

    It sure was.

  22. You folk are very funny.

    I just keep thumbing up, but can’t top any of this. …smile….. …..Lady in Red

  23. Oh, but I’m not done.
    Meggie, your dad’s in hell looking for an even richer and even younger wife. He’ll start a family there, too. Most likely, he’ll pretend he doesn’t know you when you and your momma get there, too.

  24. i cant imagine the depths of depravity when clinton dies. Satan will be invited to testify what a saint she was

  25. Hey MJA, being that you brought it up, Ya thing John Boy was banging Cindy while still married to Carol? He was known as a swordsman, along the line of JFK and Bubba. Anyway. he deserted a crippled lady, who stood by him for years, and he married a billionaire’s daughter, just like his hero buddy, John Kerry.
    These people really, really suck!

  26. No-class McCains. Just no class at all.

    Why would someone make his own funeral all about someone else, someone he didnt like? It just reflects on the deceased.

    Next week i will go about my usual and i won’t give this traitor a second thought. Neither will President Trump. We’ll all be too busy winning, winning, winning.

  27. If there is any justice in this world, entitled princess Meghan will continue to eat herself into a massive sized ball and roll off the top of the Grand Canyon.

    And this anger is quite typical of a gang family member.

  28. Damn McCain and the horse he rode in on.

    His treatment of Sarah Palin excemplified his inability to be gracious, and his predilection to be nasty and rude.

    Maverick my ass, he was simply an asshole in his old age, especially to those conservatives that previously supported him.

    As for his daughter, looks like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  29. I really hope POTUS (That would be Trump, not McCain) reopens the MIA POW investigations that Dornan was trying to do before McCain and John horseface Kerry blocked it.

    Oh and I have another dig. lolz.
    If they were voting for president of the funeral memorial, 0bama would have beat McCain again.

  30. It’s just a terrible way they treated the funeral of John McCain, a man many Americans felt was a hero, but many others did not. But to use his funeral to bash the President of the United States, is simply ridiculous, absolutely stupid, and un American.
    Meaghan McCain, just like her father, is a fucking idiot.

  31. The hatred of Trump camouflage at the endless McCain memorials is partly time filler insurance to guarantee no one has time to recall John’s negative traits & misdeeds. Just in case they finally exhaust all the actually true acts or good myths they can think up to heap onto the grave and they become so silly over-the-top even the leftists would get the ole ‘this is pure BS’ expression on their faces, and ruin the whole thing / err opportunity.

    This is a case where the tradition to bury the dead within 24 hours of death would be useful.

  32. One hundred thirty-four crew members of the USS FORRESTAL (CV-59) beg to differ with the term “hero” describing McCain.

    They’re waiting to give him a warm welcome here in Hell.

    Meghan, Daddy will be saving a place for you here at dinner, too.

  33. Ms. NcCain no longer has daddy around to act as her unofficial protector so should she decide to stay in politics the bitch is going to be roundly whupped. I hope she can handle the marks but I suspect that she’ll fade back into the background when people start to really speak out on how much of a traitor and general all-around asshole her father was.

    My hope is that somebody in the Navy decides to leak his true file that outlines his career especially his behavior as a prisoner and how all his massive shortcomings and fuckups were buried by his Admiral Daddy (who did no favors to America by covering up for his son).

  34. It is said that hanging on to a resentment is “taking poison and expecting the other person to die”. McCain sure took that poison.

  35. I cannot get over how telling it is that Mccain’s nemesis was Trump instead of the man he lost the Presidency to…


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