Drudge Report website traffic is down

TruePundit: Not even massive street riots, hordes of lawless vagrants burning cities throughout the United States and a dead-heat presidential election could help Matt Drudge’s spiraling news site in August.

The fall has been dramatic and historic, but also one predicted in mid 2019 by Thomas Paine.

Web numbers for the country’s biggest Joe Biden cheerleader  just got worse for Matt Drudge’s spiraling news site.

Drudge’s monthly traffic in August was 63 million readers, according to similarweb.com analytics, down from 66 million in May. The spiral continues. In September 2019 Drudge was pulling close to 95 million readers and well over 100 million in August 2019, one year ago. more

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  1. Haven’t gone to Drudge since 2016.
    He turned so anti Trump he killed his own business.
    There are various theories about why but who knows.

    Yes, PHenry. Coulter seems to have lost her mind.
    I still don’t know why.
    Howie Carr stopped having her on because of it.

  2. Matt has decided to go with the Bill Crystal model to expand his business.
    We warned Bill.
    We warned Matt.
    Bill is out of business.
    Matt is soon to be.

  3. I’ve never found his website to be of much use. Others have always been far better. I’ve checked it out maybe a dozen times and it never impressed me.

  4. If Drudge sold his site to some lefty entity I wonder when the NDA expires? Sure would like to know the who, what and why($) behind his decision to effectively kill what he built.

  5. When Drudge kept linking his sites like CBS and other left-wing trash I left. I literally had to reboot my PC on a couple of occasions when I couldn’t get rid of the CBS link, really pissed me off, so piss off Drudge and good riddance. 🤬

  6. And why not? The guy BLEW all credibility he had with any of us.

    It’s sad: he was an important voice. Now he’s an establishment hack like Bill Kristol or Romney.

  7. My personal encounter with him at CPAC, 2012 I think, was at the bar. Year is fuzzy. Never mind. I was an annual attendee of CPAC for years. It was my Disney vacation.

    I bought him a drink and quickly realized that he was a self important and insufferable asshole.

    Brief, but informative encounter. Drudge deserves his demise.

  8. Trump has exposed what I have known for many years – that the two party system has been dead for decades. The two parties merge together in a shared common interest, into the Ruling Class, on the national stage. This holds true for “journalists” and “pundits” as well, such as Kristol, Coulter and Drudge.

    God bless you Donald Trump for drawing out the posers for who they really are.

  9. I thought the Michael Moore True Pundit interview with Lysiak was fantastic. Lysiak treated the whole subject of Drudge with some sensitivity and understanding.

    Drudge is receiving a lot of attention right now, because of the book, because of his “demise”, and because of who he is. There will never be another Drudge. And as Whatfinger commented, if it hadn’t been for Drudge, there probably wouldn’t have been all these other aggregators.

    As to “Revolver”, I never heard of it until the Trump tweet. It looks well designed.

    Here’s the thing: it is kind of crappy of Trump to promote it when there’s been like at least 6 conservative leaning aggregators that have beaten their hearts and brains out building their sites and promoting Trump since his election. And they get shot down with a “Revolver”, so to speak. I wonder who is behind it. Maybe Parscale and Kushner?

    And how many aggregators allow comments, really? CFP is the only one I know of, and that is why it will hold its own.

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