Drudge Who? Use Whatfinger News Instead

Breaking: Drudge Out. Whatfinger News In.

We’ve been hearing more and more from our readers that Whatfinger is their go-to aggregator of choice. It’s fast, has good choices and they are patriots.

As the Canada Free Press says

It’s not hard to put your finger on what makes Whatfinger stand out: much more news, more conservative news and better views. Whatfinger is well organized and above-board, presenting headline news from various sources…

Not familiar with Whatfinger? Read About Them HERE.

29 Comments on Drudge Who? Use Whatfinger News Instead

  1. Thanks to other IOTWRers I’ve been using Citizen Free Press, The Liberty Daily and One America news. Whataburgerfinger will be added to the list. Drudge pissed me off when he used BFH’s work and gave no credit.

  2. The most irritating thing on BadBlue is that they will highlight a story making you think it is current but it is frequently weeks or even months old. Bastards!

  3. They had better spruce up their format or I’ll be giving them what finger… the middle finger.

    I’ve been in news for 50+ years and that flood of small-type columns with no separators is too time-consuming to wade through. Oy!

    It’s worse than BadBlue’s alphabet soup. At least Ross uses dividers.

    Thanks for the WHATFINGER heads-up, nevertheless.

  4. @ Jon

    I would not be criticizing Matt for being gay, unless you plan on throwing out a good portion of your DVDs and CDs on the basis of gay actors and musicians.

    Just a WTTW.

  5. The 1990’s AOL look is a bit dated, the formatting is hard to scan. Drudge is at least easy to scan through and see what you might want to follow. hey need a better format, the content looks good.

  6. Drudfe may be killed dead, and his site taken over by CIA. He is never seen in public. Todays AI can easily replicate his voice for an interview, he never appears.

  7. See clip of 94 year old wheelh bound Bob Dole insisting on standing for the presentation of the colors, albeit with some help. The old soldier still respects our flag.

  8. several years ago some outfit outed Drudge, he posted the link without comment, end of story.
    Does What-A-Finger have a good update rate without the reloading?

  9. Thanks for the link. Drudge is dead to me. I have no idea what happened to the guy, but when he went full out against Bannon, I knew he’d lost it.

  10. Left slant with the important stuff is important. Whatfinger’s got some. I like it. Always remember to hold you enemy even closer. ….smile…. ….Lady in Red

  11. If your browser and screen support it, “zoom” in. Makes it very easy to navigate. With my eyes I have to do that practically everywhere, even iotw.

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