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Drug Decriminalization Behind Terrifying Cartel-Style Killings In California


Over the last 30 years, many voters and policymakers in California and other states came to believe that decriminalizing drugs would reduce and even end drug-related violence in America. As drugs like marijuana were decriminalized and penalties for the possession of harder drugs were reduced from felonies to misdemeanors, the thinking went, we would see a decline in criminal gangs, mafias, and cartels that use violence to control production and distribution and to resolve disputes over market territory.

It’s now clear that the opposite has occurred. California’s marijuana decriminalization incentivized Mexican drug cartels to create illegal farms in the state’s redwood forests and bring their criminal lifestyles along with them. Cartel-connected murders, gun fights, sex trafficking, and missing persons are on the rise in Humboldt County. Environmental pollution from illegal pot farms is increasing. And the cartels have so frightened residents that they asked reporters with The Los Angeles Times not to use their names.  more

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  1. lovely….Kalifornia again leading the way to a 3rd world shithole. But sure lets ban gas cars, gas cooktops and give safe haven to Drug Cartels. Now all I read is that governor Hairgel can be made President so all this fun can be spread across the country!

  2. It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature. This is just another element in the implementation of the progressive/Satanist agenda.

  3. You don’t suppose that decriminalizing drugs at the same time as criminalizing the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms might have had the effect of making the narco cartel crime rate much worse than it otherwise would be, do you?

    You don’t suppose that the narco cartels setting up their pot farms on land that is owned and (supposedly) patrolled by state and fed govts might have had the effect of making it easier for the cartels to set up shop there, do you?

    You don’t suppose that decriminalizing marijuana but taxing the hell out of it and making it more expensive than illegally grown weed might have had the effect of giving a hefty incentive to the cartels to get in the locally grown marijuana business, do you?

  4. what we need is a ‘well armed militia’ to go and take out these drug cartels in their nests where ever they are.

  5. Naw … I don’t suppose there’s any complicity, conspiracy, or collusion on the part of the gov’t in escalating the terrorization of the citizenry.

    Naw … gov’t’s the good guys … y’know … like in the old Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Communist China, Kim-worshipping North Korea, Kaddafi’s Libya, Idi Amin’s Uganda, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe … yeah … the good guys …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Cannabis was made illegal and PSYOPED in the late 20’s and enacted in the 30’s.

    Cannabis Rope (even though FREE) was not as profitable as the newly invented, oil derived, plastic rope.

    Reefer Madness was born.

    The word marijuana was made up to sound mexican

    Cannabis was grown widely and was what it was
    A Plant
    That has been around forever and is no different today than 100,000 uears ago. Strains and Names are just cross-breeds of the original two. Indica and Sativa.

    Hash is nothing more than the concentrated THC (little tiny wax balls that sit on a stalk like a velcro hook) which grows mostly on the surface of the plant.

    I challange any Owner to a Cannibis Fact Duel.
    Try Me.

  7. There is a documentary called “What If Cannabis Cured Cancer”, it is available Youtube.
    Interesting because there is more money in treating cancer than curing it.

    My brother had a hauling contract for cancer drugs, 10 pallets @ $11 Million per pallet. That’s the wholesale price, who knows how high the retail was.
    Also, the pick up and drop off points were like stealth black-ops sites. Doors open, close, driver never gets out.

  8. If Trump was president, the military would be mopping this up, and for good. But Biden is in on the profits. So is half of Congress.


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