Drug Trafficking Feeds the Ayatollah’s Power

American Thinker-

Global drug trafficking generates at least $426 billion to $652 billion per year, making it one of the most lucrative illicit markets in the world. So of course, those profits tempt the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) thugs to use the drug trade to fund the terror activities that got them recently designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the United States.

Demand for drugs has become global. The market for cocaine in Asia and Africa has increased, as their economies have grown. The civil wars in the Middle East now provide an extraordinary opportunity for drug dealers, who find smuggling drugs to be easy through shattered controls at the borders.

Drug trafficking is a serious challenge for the world, and directly involves the IRGC, as even a former IRGC chief affirmed. Iranian officials have been silent on such testimony, neither confirming nor denying it. While quite boldly last year, the regime-proclaimed “moderate” President Rouhani implicitly threatened that if sanctions were to intensify, they would use terrorism and drugs.

International drug dealers collaborate with the IRGC. The IRGC passes narcotics (often opium) from Afghanistan through Iran and out to the rest of the world. On a wider scale, it ships heroin and cocaine to and from South America and East Asian countries. more

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  1. It is the Opium Wars in reverse. China was held captive 200 years ago because her population was in the grip of Opium and Nations became wealthy off of her.

    Today, China is paying back the world in Fentanyl and other piss ant countries that have not been in the game are jumping all in.

    I’m at the point where I say legalize everything. Take the $ away from the bad guys and tell people they are free to take what they want but they are on-their-own. EMT shows up and you are OD’ing- may God be with you because you are on your own. The only thing you get from the state is a mass unmarked grave- your body will be dragged off the street by people who are doing jail time for whatever. (If you are in jail each day is NOT kicking back watching old Jerry Springier re-runs but rather walking the streets taking out the trash- trash being actual trash or dead drug users). At some point the addicts will either sober up or die but 1. no more billions to the bad guys 2. no more billions fighting the bad guys 2. no more billions in medical costs being paid out to treat people who are suffering from their own choices.

    All of those Billions become Trillions and we are on the road to not only balancing our budget (think of the rippling effects as hell holes like every major Democrat city begin to sober up- less crime, more people working, more people paying taxes and voting for people who want you to pay less taxes) and then we are looking at balanced budgets and paying down the debt. Aaaaand that day will never come.


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