DRUGS AND ISLAM … both will eat away at your moral compass

PickeringPost: I have to admit to misspending at least some of my youth. My friends were no angels. Many of them smoked pot. The more adventurous ones would occasionally take some speed or LSD. I wouldn’t describe it as “harmless” fun but, with a few notable exceptions, it was mostly under some sort of control.

Heroin was different.  Everyone knew it was a potential death sentence. At least I thought they did. I remember very clearly when the heroin epidemic arrived in England. It was Christmas 1982.

Suddenly it was everywhere.

At first it was just the crazies.   MORE

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  1. LOFOs have been convinced by their keepers that Islam is a peaceful religion with a few bad apples. They use ancient Christian history to bolster their argument, that logically with enough compassion and time, Muslims will break free of their radical minority just as Christians did centuries prior.

    Problem is, radicalization within Islam is not a minority, it is the majority. The progressive media hijacked the minority status of radicals just days after 9/11 when they came out and said (because a few 711 Paki Indians were disparaged by ignorance); Islam is a religion of peace numbering millions, the 9/11 terrorist were a small cell within the vastly peaceful population and that Americans are better than across the board intolerance.

    At the time I’d guesstimate 94% of the US population had little or no exposure to Islam, outside of a few hijackings and hostage situations that made news years prior. So the early mass media progressive teachings about Islam was seared into the precious snowflake brains and a decade and a half later has finally become reality to the non-Muslim majority.

    It is only those who have enlightened ourselves outside of the teachings of Hollywood, lame-stream media and progressive leaders that are racists.

  2. The left only loves islam because they love doing something against the norm, against the grain to annoy their parents. They can’t help themselves. “Look mommy, I’m special!”
    Yeaaaauuuh you’re special all right.

  3. Devil’s advocate response:

    How can a moral compass be affected in a society that seems to have less and less of one with each passing day?

  4. “He has promised to put a halt on Islamic immigration (hijira) until we can figure out what is going on.”

    Some of us already know what is going on. It is called dar al harb and it will continue until there are either no non-muslims left, or until all jihadis and all islamic teachers of hatred and violence are wiped out and all the handbooks of violent jihad (korans) are destroyed.


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