Drunk Judge Can’t Understand Why the Police Are Arresting Him

He’s historic.


Wilfredo Benitez, who is to be sworn into office on Wednesday, Oct. 6, will be the municipality’s first Hispanic municipal court judge, the township announced, following the local government’s Monday, Sept. 25, approval of the appointment.

Benitez is set to serve a three-year term starting on Oct. 6. By ordinance, his salary is set at $70,359.

“I’m excited about the opportunity,” Benitez told NorthJersey.com. “I consider myself a public servant, and look forward to serving the great people of Bloomfield.”

He speaks fluent Spanish, something that may come in handy in Bloomfield.


Here he is speaking fluent drunky, trying to use his influence to intimidate the police.

22 Comments on Drunk Judge Can’t Understand Why the Police Are Arresting Him

  1. He might have to appear before himself to plead, in which case he be found not guilty. Truth is never an issue.

  2. “He speaks fluent Spanish…”


    AND anyone on trial for whom his “services” are ‘REQUIRED.’

  3. Wilfredo or Wontfredo be a judge for all the peoples? Bets are he’ll be soft on illegals.

  4. Nothing leftist activists do is by happenstance. He may have gotten plastered on purpose, so that he can claim he’s “suffered” police profiling and persecution as a black and culturally latino man. The stupid and evil never stops.

  5. He told the state trooper that he is a fuc judge . the mother fuc need to go to jail.
    First Hispanic judge I don’t care the Puerto Rican judge is a asshole.

  6. Looks like he’s Black AND Hispanic, so if we deport him via catapult, does that count
    as a twofer?


  7. This happened in November 2016 so why did they just release the video? This ass is still a part-time municipal judge and has a private practice. There is going to be a disciplinary hearing but it hasn’t been set yet. Being Hispanic had its privileges.

  8. Why is it that Minorities think once you “Make Judge ” or be havin’ another influential job, you own the World ?

  9. When you are a political progressive/socialist/minority, laws don’t apply and consequences are avoided.

    He’s gotten off so far, are the Police Officers still working?

  10. Let’s just hope it won’t wind-up like the drunk judge in Rochester NY… it’s been going on for ever…


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