D’Souza at the Young America’s Foundation

Abigail Adams-
Never, ever thought D’Souza would waste his time coming to Seattle.  And the grit and courage displayed by the young conservatives at the University of Washington is inspiring.  In fact the whole Young America’s Foundation is inspiring.  So I thought it would be a great idea to showcase some college kids who are making a big difference inside those leftist hellholes.
We’ve got many young (18 – 20-somethings) becoming precinct captains and otherwise getting involved in the grass roots in order to take over the establishment GOP at the District level.  It’s been a lot of fun working side-by-side with these very bright, very enthused, very energetic kids.  They’ve got tons of great ideas and the time and energy to get a lot done.  And maybe it’s because of their young age, they are so eager to learn and take the wisdom of some of us older conservatives — and have fun at the same time. I love these fresh faces and their wonderful brains.
Here’s a link to the video of last night’s D’Souza presentation: VIDEO
I was thrilled and delighted that there were so many UW students there, and that they were engaged with their questions (there were about a dozen kids still waiting to ask questions when the program wrapped up).
Here’s a link to the national YAF organization: (On internet at yaf.org)

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  1. Hillary’s America was a major contributing factor to her not being elected. You had to witness the movie in person to see the emotion coming from the crowd, and the tears coming from their eyes at the end.

    And a loud, clapping, standing ovation from the audiences, not to mention.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, Fur.

    I have been a D’Souza fan for a long time and I know why he spends so much of his time working with campus conservatives. It is really quite wonderful to hear these kids speak, see them take so much pride in their own hard work and, maybe more so, in their teams’ efforts. I especially wanted to share the YAF info so that people here can get in touch with them or their local high school or college groups and see if they can help out in any way. A great activity for those of us with some extra time, and it’s a great investment in our future.

  3. AA, good for you being as active as you are working within the conservative movement. I’m a mere spectator next to you. I’ll try and do better.

  4. This is our next group of leaders coming up. ( I know a few of them )
    These young kids are well grounded and have a lot to bring to the table, they can speak well and know how to use social media to get there point across.
    Embrace them, don’t dismiss them.
    Always go and see and support the ones on our side when you have a chance .

  5. Thanks Mr. Pinko. We did not get a chance to say Hi to him ( his wife hustled him out real quick ) . It was great to hear the young kids speak.
    We have a voice they don’t. (Most are on FB not Blogs) They get shouted down or beat up. That is changing , just watch as their voices grow and start to drown out the brain dead lefties. It won’t take long. These are smart kids and they are up for the fight, all we need to do is give them the support that they need.
    And that is why we are there , reassurance that they are not alone. And it is OK to speak out,

  6. Great job Abrigail!

    I introduced YAF to my hairstylists’ son. He was on the debate team and very interested in politics. He was interested in Reagan and did read a lot on the site but I don’t know if it went beyond that. Sadly, in a matter of a few months he went lefty and stayed there. He campaigned for Bernie Sanders and is going to the UDub for…Economics.

    It’s good to know some “kids today” aren’t so easily swayed to the left. 👍

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