Duck Dynasty Series Finale. [No One Beaten or Stabbed to Death]

After 5 years and 11 seasons, the Robertson clan bid a fond farewell to their A&E audience on March 29th.  Duck Dynasty survived the suspension of family patriarch Phil Robertson, for his statements on homosexuality and morality in 2013.

Rolling Stone managed to garner some much needed publicity for themselves by taking a parting shot at the show Here 

The show apparently finished with upwards of $14 million in unclaimed state film tax credits owed by Louisiana. More

I never watched, but would I be correct to observe that the reality TV series was a tremendous opportunity for the Robertson’s to bear witness to their Christian faith?

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  1. The answer to your question is yes. They said Grace before a meal at the end of just about every episode. Every episode had a biblical message that was revealed during Grace. Many episodes involved them performing some charitable act or participating is a church activity.

  2. Did more damage to waterfowl numbers than market gunning ever did. Glad the morons are gone.Hopefully the march will be empty of such yahoos now.

  3. I personally loved the show, and hate that it’s no longer going to be around.
    Even though I suspect much of what happened on the show was staged for effect, the core message was based on close, moral family ties, and a love of God and Country, which is sorely lacking on tv, and was probably a big factor in it’s demise, considering libs own, and therefore pollute, pretty much everything in the media and entertainment industries… Farewell and best of luck Robertson clan! There are many of us who will miss you!

  4. 99.9 percent of TV programming sends a negative message to society. There’s was a positive message. Although I rarely watched the show it’s to bad it’s gone.

  5. ckc–“the march will be empty of such yahoos now”

    The “march”?? HaHa–who is the yahoo now? Try “marsh” the next time you are trying to be edgy. As Bad_Brad noted–waterfowl numbers are UP.

  6. Waterfowl conservation is paid for by waterfowl stamps. With out hunters there would be a lot fewer quackers.

  7. No one can take away from the message of this show: family, values, faith, willingness to be a fool for community.

    I will miss Mountain Man the m—-o —- s —– t.

    I hated it when my wife first told me about and thought it would be not worth watching. Learned to catch the show when I could and even preached a couple of sermons with them as topics.

    They probably had more fun doing it then we had watching.

  8. It’s a fun show but I didn’t keep up with it. The world of TV was better off with this show in it.

  9. Every episode at some point was good for a burst out laugh. Nice family. We enjoyed the show and hopefully will enjoy the reruns.

  10. It’s entertaining that the lefty press insists that Trump is the most ‘secular’ president since, well, ever, while insisting on how religious 0bama and Killary are. Sure, they belonged to churches, but what about their actual faith? I think it’s pretty clear, and that the public is pretty well aware too, of just how religious each of them is from their actions.

  11. I was hoping BFH would take over for Bob Ross.
    Who for some reason never seems to age. Ever notice that?
    How to paint a pet portrait in 30 mins using a snow shovel

  12. From the comment section 🙂

    GraffitiForensics pugly • a day ago
    At this point, the bulk of their subscribers are likely imaginary.
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    crh • 2 days ago
    I challenge the Rolling Stone to mock Islam.
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