“Dude,” Boris Johnson Is UK’s New PM


Tens of thousands of Conservative Party members voted Tuesday to select Boris Johnson as their leader and Britain’s new prime minister — defeating Jeremy Hunt in his bid to succeed Theresa May in the post. More than 150,000 party voters cast ballots to choose the new leader in London. Nearly 60 percent — more than 92,000 votes — favored Johnson. Hunt won about 46,000 votes. Johnson will officially take office Wednesday. More

Using the acronym “DUDE” Britain’s new prime minister spelled out the goals for the Tory party. “”Deliver Brexit, unite the country, and defeat [Labour leader] Jeremy Corbyn…he added an “e” for “energize,” and said: “I say to all the doubters: Dude, we’re going to energize the country.” More

10 Comments on “Dude,” Boris Johnson Is UK’s New PM

  1. If “DUDE” turns out like Trump, he’ll be successful in his endeavors to Brexit. It’s what the people voted for and should get. Meanwhile, I’ll watch from the sidelines, he isn’t my President. I think the Brits like Trump and what he’s doing for America.

  2. PMQs tomorrow with May should be a better circus than usual. More shouting, kudos to May…for quitting, and the midget speaker who would fit in nicely with the ‘Rat-Tick Party for an insatiable desire to control everything.

  3. I wonder who the next world figure with a “distinctive” hair style will be? We have Trump, Johnson, and Whoa Fat. Let’s see who Turkey ends up with.

  4. So the “rino” defeated the commie. I notice “DUDE” doesn’t mention the muzlim hordes that have destroyed their country.


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