Due to popular demand – the Trump Imitation

A friend sent this yesterday, and I hesitated to post it because it’s not so flattering.

But! It is the best Trump imitation I ever heard.

But it’s not a flattering script. It does nail his essence, cadence, unique speech patterns and his propensity to think big.

But some very good conservatives that I trust said, “go for it. It’s funny.”

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  1. I thought Easter celebrates when God removed the giant rock sealing Jusus’ tomb and Jusus walks out and if he sees his shadow we have six more weeks of winter

  2. “he brought one guy back and it was his son, so he was biased”

    LOLOLOLOLOL, I’m tearing.

    The only thing he got ‘wrong’? Some of us call it Resurrection Sunday…maybe that’s just be technical.

    Incredible intonation imitation.

  3. LOL! Hilarity, spot on imitation. There’s always a bit of truth in really funny comedic routines. Let’s face it, President Trump respects the things of God, but he doesn’t know Him. I can see him thinking he can compete with Christ, which is of course ludicrous and kinda funny.
    Bless him – President Trump is a generous, decent guy yet when it comes to biblical truths he’s lacking.
    Still, I know Mr. Trump is God’s choice to lead and keep America great and prosperous.

  4. Christ exited the tomb before it was unsealed. The stone was moved so the women would notice He was gone.

  5. Fur, I see why you hesitated. Yes, he was good. But, even with Trump’s ego, he would not put himself above God.

    Ok, I know it’s comedy, and yes, it was all you said as far as the imitation. It just went too far.

  6. I agree with Claudia. Even with his ego, Trump wouldn’t put himself above God. He was ‘chosen’ a long time ago and knows it. It was a good imitation especially with those perfect white teeth! We all know the funny characteristics our President has and he uses them to our advantage.


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