Duke U. rejects law school applicant for not taking the LSAT — so he sues

College Fix: An applicant to the Duke University School of Law is suing the university after being denied admittance.

Edward Thomas Kennedy was rejected because he did not take the Law School Admittance Test, or LSAT. He claims the test is “junk science.”

The Duke Endowment and the Board of Trustees, the president of the Duke Endowment, and Duke President Vincent Price are also named in Kennedy’s lawsuit.

The Chronicle reports Kennedy has sued other schools that rejected his applications, as well as the Law School Admissions Counsel, the Association of American Law Schools, and the US Secretary of Education, among others.

Michael Schoenfeld, Duke vice president for public affairs and government relations, said Kennedy’s allegations “are not supported by the law or the facts,” and that the university will seek to have the suit dismissed.  more here

9 Comments on Duke U. rejects law school applicant for not taking the LSAT — so he sues

  1. Can I sue my local hospital for refusing to let me do brain surgery because I think Medical School doesn’t teach the right medicine methodology to be a doctor?

  2. If he filed a lawsuit he must have used a lawyer. Was this a case of two idiots finding one another in the crowd?
    The lawyer must be just bubbling with sound legal advise.

  3. The University gets to set their admissions criteria, not the applicants. This is why we could use a “loser pays all court costs” law.

  4. Lawyer suing a Law School.

    That’t rich.

    I remember a guy suing his school (Georgetown or George-something) because they wouldn’t let him graduate with a 1.8 GPA! And he won! I believe it was a Medical School. At any rate, the Courts loosed him on the public with a “degree” – they should have added a disclaimer.

    izlamo delenda est …


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