Dumb Hippie Couple Kill Their Son By Trying To Home Remedy His Meningitis



The poor kid suffered an excruciating death while the dumb hippies tried to treat him with…

…maple syrup.

Then they tried whey.

And then frozen berries.

Then horseradish.


Ginger root.

Bottled sunshine.

Faith encrusted leprechaun essence.

Jerry Garcia dandruff.

Okay, the last three I made up. I hope.

The couple are anti-vaxxers from Canada.

ht/ petrus

42 Comments on Dumb Hippie Couple Kill Their Son By Trying To Home Remedy His Meningitis

  1. Some of this stuff works but you have to know when to quit. I speak from experience having nearly died from infection last year.

  2. I don’t think that recipe is traditional medicine. It sounds pretty wacky. All supplements can do is give your body the nutrients it needs to fight off disease naturally. But something that involves the spine of the brain is a little beyond natural remedies. The hippies would have been better off doing some quick research on the blood-brain barrier to see that their efforts to save the child were useless.

    I’ve never heard of any such remedy and I’ve been studying natural medicine for several decades now. Maple syrup? WTF?

  3. Menderman asks an important question. Most of us are sick of government control but now it seems we need it. Is that right?

  4. So when they get to heaven they ask G-d
    Why didn’t you help our son?
    And of course G-d says “you are living in a country with the finest medical
    teams and the finest hospitals. I put them there for you to use.
    Prayer is nice but it ain’t antibiotics

  5. @Bad_Brad, no. This seems an obvious case, but the problem is in the decision-making and control. The next case may be only obvious to those govt functionaries who want control focused on the collective and who have no interest in the well-being of the individuals involved.

  6. Would people be just as angry if they used the power of prayer rather than traditional medicine?

    Didn’t Menderman tell us he was in the ICU?
    Did you give up on prayer?

  7. Menderman, just to let you know, for the most part I agree with about everything you say, except for Trump.

  8. Pray first, then it’s off too the docs. Just remember some of the remedies can kill you at the doctors as well.

  9. Why do progs always attack prayer when one of their own acts stupidly?
    It’s almost like the overwhelming idiocy of prog thinking is nullified by the rare Christian oddball.
    Fact is that progs doing this kind of thing occurs almost daily. Maybe once a year some idiot blames killing his kid on Christianity if that often.
    Naturally I am not counting the 1,000,000+ progs every year that snuff the kid before it is even born.

  10. Al, Control is the key word. Hey what can I say, I’ve watched to many Oregon ambush videos today. I’m loading mags as we speak. And I know I shoot a hell of a lot better than the FBI hostage rescue team. What a fucking joke. Obviously not ex mil.

  11. My wife is an ER nurse. The only woman in the world she will use the “C” word on is Jenny McCarthy…she actually refers to her as a “murdering C” due to her insane anti-vaccine ramblings which literally result in people dying…this post is just one more exhibit for the trial.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with prayer…as part of a full spectrum medical treatment regime.

    I think we all have mixed emotions on the “government interference” part of the equation. What DO we do when people are so stupid that they literally kill their own children with their insanity? If they want to off themselves, no great loss, but when you kill your kids, something needs to be done.

  12. lo, these many years ago, i had an epiphany, which stays with me still…..concerning the sad fate of a little girl named caylee anthony….i watched as her “mother” got off scot-free for murdering her child…..i watched her “grandmother” support her daughter…..i noticed something about both mom and grandmom…

    they were both very self-centered, “look at me, ain’t i beautiful” types…….all “me”…..all the time….

    and i know it’s very very sad that such a young angelic looking girl was killed and thrown away like garbage…..but…..then i had my moment of realization…..

    she would have grown up to be just like her mom and her grandmom…..so, basically, although a very sad and criminal situation, not a serious loss to society….

    i see people here demanding the rest of the kids be taken from these parents…..but why?…..they will only grow up just as ignorant and stupid as they were born…..sometimes, euginics is our freind………

  13. Interesting that the government in general and liberals in specific (as well as those who despise governmental / liberal interference) would squabble over one child lost due to the willful ignorance on the part of the parents (“we must doooo something to prevent this from happening in the future. Pass a law. It’s for the chillllllldren donchaknow!!!”), but celebrate their right to choose (or turn eyes and look away for fear of being called names for disagreeing) should they decide to abort the little darlings. Strange days indeed…

  14. This was the parent’s decision alone, for better or worse. The State does must not be allowed to insert itself into family affairs, because the consequences are worse that whatever ill they are claiming to address.

    As sad as this story is, taking their other children away is unacceptable. That path leads to a world best imagined as the bastard offspring of Brave New World and 1984.

    Children raised in State institutions, ‘for their own good.’ Of course, it is really for the good of the State – the destruction of the family is a core principle of communism.

    It happened in the Soviet Union. It should not be happening here.

  15. Government control of everything can’t prevent stupidity. It does, however, make life miserable for the rest of us. Read about life under Ceausescu, No yoga allowed. No typewriters allowed.

  16. A woman I know is treating her recently diagnosed breast cancer “homeopathically.” She is going against the advice of her doctors and the wishes of her entire family. She’s only 53.

    I survived breast cancer not one, not two, but THREE times. It’s a vicious, insidious disease that calls for serious, aggressive treatments. This is NOT a good time for her to be fucking around with herbal teas.

    I’ve already started planning what to wear to her funeral.

  17. It’s their responsibility and that’s the bottom line. I doesn’t matter that the result was catastrophic. As long as the disease stays with them, it’s on them.
    I don’t agree with their decision but must respect it. In fact I hate it but again…

  18. You take your kid to the ER. You let the doctors do the treatment, you do the praying.
    Everyone has their job to do.

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