Dumb Hollywood Actors and Actresses

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  1. There never has been a correlation between
    acting ability and intelligence

    Much less
    a positive correlation.

  2. They are professional liars, paid to perform other people’s words and ideas, pretending to be someone else. So, why should we have to pretend that any of their utterances are any less a sham?

  3. Consistency is a nonexistent character trait with the liberal left, It requires reasoning and thoughtful examination.
    When opinions and judgments are guided by emotions and or the urge to be accepted they often get into snags like this and when challenged are brushed off as baseless attacks.

  4. I’ve never been able to understand why some people feel they need to listen to a bunch of Hollywood Liberal dummies who can’t wind a watch without a personal trainer, a house-keeper, a manager, a consultant or two, an accountant and a psychiatrist, have a long history of shuffling through the revolving doors of divorce courts, bankruptcy courts, custody courts, criminal courts, rehab centers and focus groups, yet it certainly doesn’t keep them from preaching to the average, hard-working, over-taxed payer how to live, what to eat, how to raise yer kids, what kind of “Earth Friendly” energy we need, what kind of Gay electric clown-car to drive and OF COURSE who to vote for! These phony baloney, no-talent Socialist doorknobs, pushing the Leftist agenda while milking a hypocritical image, are pretty tough to stomach after a while no matter who ya are!

  5. Since a new Godzilla movie started yesterday maybe the next place Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan etc. destroy should be Hollyweird and LA. Maybe Godzilla is pissed off that we killed all his little Godzilla’s in the last Godzilla movie and is seeking revenge. Wouldn’t it be great if he could stomp an abortion clinic and Planed Parenthood into oblivion and breathe fire on it as well.

  6. Wasn’t so long ago, actors and actresses were but one rung above pickpockets, on society’s ladder.

  7. Regarding TRF above…we DON’T listen to Hollywood, but we have to respond to their stupidity because they have a megaphone from the Fake News Media.


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