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  1. W-T-F is this? PETA? Refusing to wear anything leather?
    Helloooooo? Anybody heard of cotton?

    And in this case, all I want to say is “PUT IT ON!! PUT IT ON! FOR THE LOVE OF MY SANITY, PUT IT ON!!”


  2. Thank goodness that I, as a double mastectomee, haven’t the nerve for this kind of stunt.

    In other news, Donald Trump, upon surveying the scene from his hotel room window, turned to an aide and remarked, “Melania’s are nicer.”

  3. Don’t try that in Dearbornistan or any other perverted muslim enclave ~ you would be raped and your throat slit.
    That’s the way the religion of peace rolls.

  4. I clicked because Ron White’s voice was heard in my brain
    My cursor hovered over the link. Do I want to see some naked liberal women, most over forty? And then I heard it:
    “Yes, yes I do”

  5. 2 words: Bikini wax. For a good laugh, read the reader comments on the link; oh these leftists are soooo sophisticated.

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