Dunce Playboy model tries to apologize for committing a horrendous act

This Playboy model took a picture of a woman in a locker room and sent it out on Snapchat making fun of her less than Playboy-like body.

What a cretin.

She offered an apology saying “this is not who I am.”

YES IT IS!!!!! You did what you did because THAT’S WHO YOU ARE!!!

I’m blurring the picture because it’s only right to do so.



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  1. She should be forced to publish a picture of herself in the shower when she is 40 years old, with the title “This is who I am”.


  2. And we thought the problems were just with trannies in the ladies rooms. What an egregious violation of personal privacy. From what I can tell from the pic, the subject’s body habitus is not even remotely remarkable in this day and age. Not everyone is born with a Playmate body and I highly suspect she wasn’t either. Maybe some silicone shaming is in order? Justice might be served if some pre-silicone pics showed up about now.

    Exhibitionists gotta exhibit and here we thought we’d seen all she had to offer. Apparently not and what’s there unwrapped ain’t very pretty.

  3. Insecure to the core.

    “This is not who I am.”

    Just say, “I was being an asshole.” and leave it at that.

  4. Nature is cruel, bitch. Look, we all had our day in the sun. I had a smokin’ hot body once, too. Now I’m more than double the weight of my “hottie” era.

    I can’t wait to check you out around oh, say, 2040 or so. My money’s on tits sagging halfway to your knees.

  5. “This is not who I am”! Old Bam Bam taught her well with his oft-remarked bilge “this is not who we are”! She is just parroting the asshole in chief!

  6. What a cow.
    She should do a series art piece:
    She should do one of a homeless person on the curb,
    Then a person with a deformity
    Perhaps someone fresh out of the burn ward
    A mentally ill person
    Someone’s dog killed by a car
    Go ahead bitch, show us that which is not as beautiful as you are.
    You poor thing, this world must horrify you.

  7. Shut up and put it back in your mouth.

    (Y’allw would be surprised how many of those words were autopick)

  8. Upon further reflection:

    The victim can always lose weight.

    But Centerfold Girl will always be a stupid, shallow bitch. Those are things you can’t fix.

  9. Maybe the women whose pic was taken should sue the bimbo. That’s probably the real reason for her “apology”. Nothing more humbling than having to go to court.

  10. @greetingsfromyonkers: You got that right!

    Reminds me of this old chestnut:

    Q. What’s the most popular bra size at the Senior Citizen’s Home?

    A. 38 long.


  11. how far has society fallen?
    this far.

    “this is not who I am.”

    and that makes it all better.

    her apology sounded like a defense of her own character not an apology to the victim.

    we can’t even work up a correct apology to someone we wronged. and we hear this type of comment every time a politician has to apologize for some un pc remark made. no one accepts responsibility for their actions anymore.

    it’s almost as if we have been convinced that God is not “all seeing” and we can hide our transgressions through denial.

  12. What’s amazing is that she seems to have thought, (I use that term loosely) that everyone is as shallow and dumb as she.

  13. Unbelievable.
    And who the hell does she think she is?
    She’s not even hot.
    When her looks go, and they will, she’ll be in deep shit.
    Dumb and with no marketable skills.
    Maybe she’ll find a nice street corner.

  14. Funny how every time someone acts inappropriately or says something offensive their immediate response is ‘this isn’t who I am’. They can’t say boy was I wrong and I hope to grow from this or something that at least shows they have some empathy or humanity.

    Unfortunately for her we can’t ‘unsee’ her unbecoming and appalling behavior.

  15. AT,
    “A rat should chew that mole off her face.”

    Wasn’t that from SpaceBalls? I see what you did there.

  16. Depending on where this event happened, taking a naked photograph of someone without their consent is a felony. Posting it in a public forum, again without consent, is another felony.

    Criminal charges should be pursued against this woman.

  17. @greetingsfromyonkers – hoo boy! The wife and I were looking at pictures taken about 35 years ago when we had waistlines – before kids, heart attacks, knee replacements, etc. Yeah, we were kinda hot.

    As for that idiot bimbo, let me paraphrase Dean Wormer:
    “Arrogant, ignorant, and stupid is no way to go through life, girl.”

  18. I agree with @KMM, the woman in the photo ought to sue the catty bitch for every dime she has now as well as future earnings. What she did was a horrific invasion of privacy of a woman who may not have Madison Avenue’s idea of a perfect body but is at a gym to try to keep in as best shape as she can manage. Imagine for a moment this was her first time at the gym after deciding to get in better shape. I can think of nothing that more that would cause her to throw in the towel then this. Yep, sue the cow.

  19. Let me guess … up until this EVERYONE assumed that Playboy Playmates were Rocket Sturgeons, or Natural Philosophers, or Brain Scientists, or something?
    I know all (or, at least, most) guys would like to satisfy their lusts in one, but did y’all ever really think that they were particularly brilliant? Or full of compassion for their fellow humans … women, for instance?
    Did ya ever picture them volunteering to change the sheets at the leper colony?

    izlamo delenda est …

  20. This stupid little bitch

    She ought to do a Game of Thrones style Walk of Atonement: shaved bald and walk naked from the gym to the Playboy mansion while middle aged plus sized women hurl crap and verbal abuse at her.

  21. Look, I’m a minute from being 40… I lost baby weight and am now the exact weight I was in high school… Just not in the same places…

    Bitch posting nude unaware photos of others? Isn’t that a crime?

  22. Brooke
    Apparently it’s only against the law if a man takes a picture of a woman and posts it online. Even if he gets caught and apologizes, he gets prison. If a female does it, gets caught, then apologizes, then it’s no harm, no foul, so to speak.

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