Durham: DNC lawyer Marc Elias has given grand jury testimony

And – the criminal investigation of Sussmann is ongoing.

TECHNO FOG: Today, Special Counsel John Durham provided a “discovery Update” to the court in the Michael Sussmann case. In this filing, available here, he disclosed that his team has obtained a tremendous amount of information ranging from a variety of sources – including Perkins Coie, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and former DNC/Clinton lawyer Mark Elias.

While Sussmann has been charged with giving false statements to then-FBI General Counsel James Baker regarding the Alfa Bank/Trump Organization hoax (background here), Durham notes that the “Government also maintains an active, ongoing criminal investigation of” Sussmann’s conduct.

In other words, Sussmann’s criminal conduct likely is not limited to false statements. There is more. If we are to make an educated guess, it may have to do with the conspiracy to accuse the Trump Organization of having secret back-channel communications with Alfa Bank. We discussed the potential for a conspiracy charge here.

Now, to the evidence. Durham and his team have secured grand jury testimony from the following individuals: MORE

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  1. Carries all the weight of a preview of a new episode of “Housewives of New Jersey”.

    People, if you expect ANYTHING from this circus, you are a fool.

  2. yawn …. showing the rubes that Bullwinkle is REALLY gonna pull the rabbit from the hat … THIS time, for sure!

    … string ’em along as the overthrow continues

  3. Durham’s serious … this time …
    Jeff Session’s giving him pointers.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Typical DoJ, they can railroad a designated political dissident literally overnight, but investigating actual lawbreaking by members of the protected ruling caste is dragged on so long that it doesn’t matter and will be quietly cancelled overnight at some point in the far future when no one cares anymore, just to give the appearance that the law (LOL) was followed.

  5. I’m optimistic. Also, very gullible. Just a simple, hopeful citizen searching for an honest investigation of the BIGGEST DAMNED POLITICAL SCANDAL IN HISTORY!

  6. Marc Elias needs to be held accountable for the many lives destroyed due to his fraudulent lawsuits and schemes.

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