Durham to Call James Baker to Testify in Case of Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Lawyer Michael Sussmann


Special Counsel John Durham will call former FBI lawyer James Baker to testify in the case against Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.

Recall, Sussmann was indicted last month for lying to the FBI.

According to the indictment, Sussmann falsely told James Baker he wasn’t doing work “for any client” when he asked for a meeting with the FBI where he presented bogus evidence the Trump Tower was secretly communicating with Kremlin-tied Alfa Bank.

James Baker resigned as FBI General Counsel in May 2018. more

12 Comments on Durham to Call James Baker to Testify in Case of Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Lawyer Michael Sussmann

  1. please … stop w/ the Qacrap

    it’s just an FBI front to gather info from anyone they can frame as an ‘enemy’
    this is the way government ‘law-enforcement’ snooping works … it justifies more & more expenditure of taxpayer-confiscated $$$

    … & yes, I know I’m gonna catch a lotta shitake* from this

    *apparently, can’t say poopy words anymore

  2. Molon, whatever, or whoever was behind Q, I thought it was a good distraction. I certainly understand your perspective, but the fibs already know who I am, and hopefully they’ve lost interest in me. Whether or not he/she/them were real I don’t care. I liked it.

  3. Brad ~ not a thing, brother … just getting a lot of post-kills here when using strong language

    it’s all good

  4. Sussman to Durham:

    “Indict me up before you go go
    Not planning on going solo
    Indict me up before go go
    Feel like singing tonight…”

    James is another step up the food chain, a big step up the food chain.

    Looks like Sussman rolled on Baker.

    Baker holds the keys to the whole rotten FBI kingdom just like Elias does on Perkins Couie and Hillezelbub.

    I think Clinesmith rolled on Sussman and now Sussman rolled on Elias and Baker.

    It’s always slimy lawyers at the center of gravity of corruption.

    Bad Lawyers are drawn to corruption like flies.

    Look for Baker to roll, you always roll when it’s your ass on the hot plate.

    The cabal sent a message to Durham when the curruptocrats fully exonerated McCabe.

    Now Durham is sending a message back to the cabal.

    Like all of you I’m skeptical anything would ever come from the glacier known as Durham

    If you look at his history with the corruot FBI in Boston though it took almost five years before justice was served and this is Godzilla vs Barney compared to that.

    It’s starting to get interesting at least.


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