During her first year in office, Hillary wants to settle 1 million Muslim refugees in America

BarbWire /…Hillary Clinton, Democrat–repeat, Democrat–candidate for president, pledges that she, if elected, would, during her first year in office, “settle” at least another million Muslim “refugees” in small-town America. She also promises to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens within her first 100 days.

For the life of me, I can’t imagine how this kind of talk is supposed to make anybody want to vote for her. Can you?  more


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  1. I saw this story linked on a “shady” web site. I can find no link to Madam Cankles making this statement. Can someone help me out? This could be a death nail, and real ammo come debate time.

  2. The way I see it, Ms. Cankles ain’t helping anybody that can’t help her back…if you know what I mean.

  3. Great! Let’s give them bumper stickers for their cabs when they get here:

    “Settling For Hillary!”

  4. I’d like to believe it but she’s(and her handlers) not that stupid to come out publicly and say that. moslims know she’ll accommodate them, there’s no need to reaffirm it out in the open.

    For the life of me, HTF can EE and Kristol continue with their bullshit. And I always liked W even if I didn’t agree with him on a number of things but his refusal(and Jeb!s’) to attend the convention puts him on my life time shit list. Is he really saying that he’s just as soon have a President Hillary? Must be nice to be a millionaire, have a million dollar pension and a cadre of ex Navy SEALs guarding your ass.

  5. Let New Castle, New York–of which Chappaqua is a Census-designated hamlet–be the first small town to welcome these immigrants.

  6. Importing a convoy of truck driving, nightclub shooting, office shooting, pressure cooker bombing muzzies by the thousands.

    This alone should ensure 100 million votes against her.
    In a sane world that is…

  7. I wish Trump would clarify his position.
    He has dropped the ban, and is going to allow them in, even from terrorist countries, but is going to ‘vet’ them. His position sounds so much like Hillary’s that he really needs to clarify it. I know his people have been talking about it, but he needs to get voters to understand how his position is different, if it is.

  8. If 99% of them are anti-jihad apostates (maybe when hell freezes over) then that leaves only a small, tiny, unnoticeable 10,000 savage moslem killers and rapists. No big deal. What a great top-priority for a presidential candidate to have, eh?

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