Dust In the Wind Turbine

What’s a few rare birds when weighed against completely inefficient technology?

Think about this. A snail darter’s life will be deemed more important than providing water to human beings. But electricity provided by the leftist’s preferred technology is more important than eagles.

It seems the lefties want it both ways, no? There is no consistency here other than to be consistently moronic and libtarded.

 DailyDemocrat- Lana Krol, associate veterinarian at Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital, releases a female golden eagle at Las Trampas Regional Wilderness in incorporated Contra Costa County in May. The eagle died this past week after hitting a wind turbine.

The raptor was one of 18 golden eagles being tracked by East Bay Regional Park District wildlife manager Doug Bell, who studied eagles’ flight patterns around the turbines, Bishop said. Before her death, the bird was able to provide “valuable information” during her short amount of time.

“Everyone’s first reaction (to the bird’s death) was ‘oh, no,’“ Bishop said. “The more we thought about this, the more we thought that it’s not a waste.”

There are nearly 5,000 energy-generating turbines at Altamont Pass, where the golden eagle was fatally struck.


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19 Comments on Dust In the Wind Turbine

  1. Did those goons escort her into the human-free zone to release their sacred spirit? And what the fuk is the other one standing at attention for?

  2. The absurdity of socialism strikes again.

    Get gov’t money out of phony energy scams and see how long the stupidity lasts.

    Utter foolishness.

  3. 5,000 turbines at a mountain pass — I can just picture how UGLY that is! There is a huge windmill ghetto just north of Lafayette, IN and it is a blot on the landscape. And there are still more under construction.

    Everything that liberals do and say turns to ugliness — such is their mindset that they do not think of the consequences.

  4. Good point. Worthless snail darters are allowed to survive and wreak havoc on CA while wind turbines chop up a valuable species that keep the food chain in check. SMH

  5. I wish they’d slap a GoPro on the next Eagle they release.

    Hey, so are we allowed to get the feathers and make a headdress?
    Halloween’s coming up.
    If the gubmint is going to kill them willy nilly, why is there still a ban on hunting them?

  6. I won’t be happy until I start seeing hashtags that say “#LiberalLivesMatter”.

    ….if you get my drift.

  7. And they never pay for themselves

    Eye pollution,Noise pollution, Killers of all kinds of flying animals,

    Like I’ve said before wherever socialists go

    Death, Misery, and Destruction follows,

    There are no redeemable qualities.

  8. Oh yes they do, that’s their goal, ugliness and barrenness,

    They have not one creative bone in their bodies.

    Only Death, Oppression, Horror, Depression, Thievery, Covetousness, Envy, Jealousy, Perversion of every kind.

    They are of their father, the devil, the father of lies, that’s why they are in league with islam.

    islam is the religion of satan on earth, but guess what people,

    We Win in the End!

    End of story

  9. Or a hawk feather. I just found out last month that I have been breaking the law every day by having a hawk feather hanging from the rear view mirror of my truck.
    But that is a law that i don’t recognize, and it’s not one that I ever had the option to vote for or against. It is a law made by tyrants.

  10. Lindsey is where I would go as a child to “borrow” animals and take them home for a week in the early 70’s. It is less than a mile from where I currently live. Mt. Diablo is also in Walnut Creek. If you go to the peak and look N, E and SE, you will see the landscape littered with tens of thousands of turbines. It is an abomination.

    A little known fact….you can see more land and turbines from the top of Mt. Diablo than anywhere else in the world other than Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. Pity.

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