Dutch Death Powder

A suicide advocacy group in the Netherlands created a stir after running a series of commercials advertising their “suicide powder” that will allow anyone to decide for themselves when to end their lives. While not divulging the ingredients or what it’s like to die from ingesting the substance, the creators assured the public that the contents of the powder are legal to buy online.


The Dutch have really taken up the idea of ending their own lives, with assisted suicides topping out in 2015 at well over 6,000 and accounting for about 4.5% of all deaths in the Netherlands.

But not all assisted suicides among the Dutch are voluntary— Here

20 Comments on Dutch Death Powder

  1. I tell you what, this powder – it’s white, by the way, very white, whiter than my daughter – is a tremendous bigly huge evil thing they have there in France or Sweden or wherever it is. I believe, I really believe, folks, that this powder is just more fake news and it doesn’t really exist. No, really, I believe that. I challenge any Antifa fag, or some idiot media talking head, or even any member of Congress to step up to this podium next week and prove that I’m lying when I tell you now that this powder is a totally harmless fakeout. Fake news, folks. I dare any human being, or Al Sharpton, to prove me wrong.

    [if only]

  2. Did I mention the powder is white? Because you know that means it’s good. Snow is white. White bread, Wonder bread, full of vitamins. White people are always good. And harmless. Good and harmless, white people are. So is this powder. I dare you to snort some right off of the small of Nancy Pelosi’s back right here on this podium next week and I’ll personally, with my own YUGE hands, tear down what little fence we have between us and our good friends in Mexico.

    Who’s first?

  3. “I have no issue with people who want to commit suicide. It is the ultimate right.”

    But once the practice is established, it’s only a matter of time where “humanitarian” reasons are found to off living humans. From there, justification will be found to off them even against their will. Slippery slopes do exist, this is one of them.


    I hope they start selling these over-the-counter at Wal*Mart.

    We have what? 7 billion on the planet now? You should leave on your own terms. Stop letting loved ones find your dead body strangled to death with a belt (Robin Williams) or your head blown off (Kurt Cobain).

  5. It sure is a slippery slope. Doctors in the Netherlands admit to euthanizing patients without permission just to free up hospital beds. Now with the poison powder people are demanding, “easy” suicide is becoming fashionable. The whole place is becoming a death camp. What the hell is going on?

  6. Calamity Jane Clinton has already identified roughly 50 million deplorable’s as prime candidates for the white powder potion! As soon as she can verify who actually voted for Trump from the secret list compiled by the alphabet agencies and placed in Obama’s secret dossier the games will begin!

  7. How about The Older Woman’s story , Doctors Trying to Kill You While you sleep ? The only redeeming thing was The Old Husband, oh Yea She’s Ready alright ! Everyone in The Home wants Her Dead , So she’s got enough Negative Energy to SNuff out Fun for The Whole Place… Poor Beaten Down Old Man !!!

  8. I am all for suicides. That many fewer stealing air from the rest of us. What exactly is the issue here? Doctors doing it, or that people have the state sponsored ability?
    I do not understand what the conflict is here.

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