Dutchman Flies to China to Meet Online Girlfriend, Spends 10 Days in Airport Waiting for Her

OC: 41-year-old Peter Cirk, from Holland, was recently hospitalized after spending 10 days at Changsha Airport, China, hoping to meet a Chinese girl he had met online.

Cirk had met his 26-year-old love interest known only as Zhang on a social network, 2 months ago. The two apparently hit it off, and sick of having 4,500 miles between them, the Dutchman decided to apply for a Chinese visa and go meet Zhang for the first time. He told her he was coming, and even sent her a photo of his travel papers, but when he arrived at Changsha airport, she was nowhere to be seen.  MORE

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  1. I know a guy that paid money for a Chinese Bride. Married her over there and brought here back. We socialize with them. Maybe one in a million but I’m saying they are in love. You would not believe what they’ve gone through with INS to get her citizenship. He’s spent over 100k trying to get her legal status even after they’ve had a son together. To say they’re pissed about our southern border would be an understatement.

  2. You made a mistake in the headline. Autocorrect inserted “Dutchman” when you obviously meant “Dumbass”.

  3. His “girlfriend” is likely a dude running a grift. I just wonder how much money he sent to his “girlfriend” to “help out her family” before he decided to fly over and meet her in “person”.

  4. After reading this cockamamie story, I’d say the asteroid from the previous thread is looong overdue.

    BTW, that guy’s a dead-ringer for George Clooney, with the emphasis on dead. 😉

  5. Being single, he forgot the number one bro code: “Never stress over a dress”.. There are lots of women out there to choose from.
    I’m just glad someone finally arrested that asshole “Nigerian Prince” scammer.

  6. Vietvet August 3, 2016 at 8:44 am

    @Ann Thracts: He looks more like Steve Buscemi to me. With AIDS.

    That’s exactly what I thought too. He’s one sick looking guy. Bet he won’t be so presumptuous the next time around.

  7. How does one’s health deteriorate so quickly in 10 days??? I mean really? complete with an IV? I have gone through absolute fasts (that is to say, completely without food…water only) longer with no health issues aside from being hungry towards the end of the fast, but even while fasting, I maintained my daily routine.This is one sickly puppy!…vegan by chance???

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