DWS’s Muslim IT Guy Arrested at Airport Was Writer for CNN

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  1. When is CNN going to be the subject of an investigation and have their FCC license pulled? One could make the credible argument that it is not a news organization at all, but a Democrat party propaganda outlet funded, in part, by taxpayer money.

  2. AA I would give your comment 10 “likes” if I could. It is time to subpeona this criminal, anti-American propaganda organization and haul them in front of a congressional committee

  3. The corruption in DC is completely interwoven in every institution, be it media,banking and government. Slowing this monster is like holding back the tide.

  4. Kudos to a beleaguered airport security force… apparently more efficient than the press would have us believe. Let the MSM cover the entire story here which would make Watergate read like a nursery rhyme.

  5. “Imran Awan, Special for CNN”… what’s so f*&%ing special about him? Other than the fact he is obviously one of the many “anonymous” sources CNN et al. must have employed.
    Do we still execute foreign spies?

  6. The homosexuals at CNN are tripping over themselves to enable and assist the muslime filth invasion, which will result in homosexuals at CNN getting the PULSE Nightclub/San Bernadino treatment eventually. A homosexual Trump supporter, rare and minuscule in number as they are, is a bigger threat in their minds then the muslime savage that lights them on fire, drowns them in cages, machine guns them to death in bars, buries them alive in 55 gallon oil drums, etc…

  7. Not so sure this isnt why Trump is so pissed at Sessions. Could be the lack of balls to take down Hillary & Co. when they clearly have the goods.

  8. I guess they’re just too dimwitted to realize they are being made complete fools of. That’s a special kind of dumb.

  9. Petrus, what if the whole Sessions drama has been scripted? What if it was a massive exercise in misdirection of the media? It seems like a lot of biases and narratives are being confirmed too easily by an MSM too smug and lazy to realize they’re being played again. Maybe not, but with PDT, you can’t rule it out.

  10. He will disappear (one way or another) before anything is done. Should be locked up in protective custody.

  11. @ThirdTwin – if Sessions took ANY action in these last 6 months against the criminal leakers, the folks at DOJ who got millions of taxpayer names from Lois Lerner at the IRS, Fast and Furious, the Clinton Foundation that 5 FBI offices were investigating and Comey told to ignore, the DOJ folks who are slow walking court ordered document releases to Judicial Watch (it will take until beyond 2020 to get them) and lots more swamp land activity I might go entertain a “scripted” story.

    Fact is, we all know the corruption within the DOJ is rampant and ongoing. Sessions is a one trick pony – immigration. That’s a vital issue but if the termites are eating your foundation putting locks on your windows isn’t going to help.

    Trump needs a fighter as AG, not the Marquess of Queensberry.

  12. AA, CNN (and the other cable news outlets) do not have or need a license from the FCC. Only over-the-air stations have licenses (called Authority to Operate) from the FCC. Even the big 4 networks do not have licenses for their ‘news’ divisions, only their owned-and-operated stations. Yank those licenses, and the news continues to operate.
    This is the unfortunate blow back to free speech and a free press. There used to be a time when it was well known that the press was biased (yellow journalism). Since the Revolutionary War, the press has been nothing more than a mouth piece for political ambitions. Anyone who claims their brand of news is fair and balanced, for the people, uncovering wrongs, etc., is simply lying. It’s just marketing hype. The news is in it for the money, and only the money.
    I have worked in broadcasting for damn near 40 years, so I might have some inside experience with this.

  13. Burner — Thanks for that. I didn’t know that. Nonetheless, I believe that it’s for more than the money (although that is motivation enough). It is ideological, too. Very much so.

  14. @Petrus July 26, 2017 at 7:32 am

    Not so sure this isnt why Trump is so pissed at Sessions. Could be the lack of balls to take down Hillary & Co. when they clearly have the goods.

    Management must prioritize resources, to maximize returns. And the American people have more goods to be easily taken by Sessions’ crew than The Clinton Family.

  15. This made the FRONT PAGE at: Drudge, Foxnews, Breitbart.

    You were this WASN’T?: CNN, ABCnews.com, MSNBC.

  16. Whew! Sorry guys, running late. Flat tire on my bicycle. Anyhoo, good work, Major Mal.

    Is it the same Imran Awan? Status: FALSE

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