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  1. Good one BFH! I know Conservatives will easily get this point but suspect that many Progressives will remain clueless.

  2. because the average prog has the reasoning ability and logic of a rusty lug nut and can’t compose a coherent thought until Jon Stuart tells them what to think.

  3. @BFH, fyi my Symantic security is blocking a “Malicious Download Toolkit 12” web attack from time to time. It also blocks a site called “updooring.com” which may be where the attack is coming from but it’s happening on your site. It may be a false positive but just letting you know. It happened again while writing this message.

  4. Recall that facts and logic and history do not work on commies / liberals / socialsts / progressives. They are all about their feelings and their feelings along.

  5. This is prep work starting with school kids to force the public to eat only government mandated products provided by the controllers in WDC. I guess that within 15 years all Americans will be under their alimentary thumb.

  6. Moochie the Munificent is planning on running for Senator from Illinois at or before Barky’s Reign of Terror dies its natural death…and can we see the pattern developing here? youbetcha!!! Get elected by the Daly Crime Apparatchik…serve as US Senator a few months in DC then run for Prezzy….bwahahahahahaha…OBOWOW voters will steal the election and then we have another 8 yrs to life of Moochie the Wookie….fook it!!!!

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