Eat Bugs: New EU Food Policy Promotes Less Meat, More ‘Alternative Proteins’

Perhaps the EU commissioners should go eat a bag of richards.

Breitbart: Europeans must move to a “more plant-based diet”, according to new EU food policy, which also revealed the bloc will promote “insect-based proteins and meat substitutes”.

The European Commission’s Farm to Fork (F2F) Strategy for creating a “fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly” food system insists that such a transition “will not happen without a shift in people’s diets”. more

22 Comments on Eat Bugs: New EU Food Policy Promotes Less Meat, More ‘Alternative Proteins’

  1. They think the EU is going to be around long enough to establish a food policy. That’s cute.

  2. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll go eat worms, big fat juicy ones, Eensie, weensy, squeency ones, see how they wiggle and squirm….. No thanks, I’d eat a baloot before I’d eat bugs ever. Animals were made to eat by man, bugs never. Why did God create bugs? I’m pretty sure that he didn’t create them so that we could eat them. Bugs are gross, animals next to potatoes and gravy and all the fixins are the best.

  3. I’ve eaten some bugs and bug-based dishes. Some were pretty good. I may eat them again if presented with the opportunity. But I’ll do it only if I want to and they’re tasty, and only occasionally between nice meals of steaks and burgers and roasts and pulled pork and…you get the tasty picture.

    I’ll be damned if I’ll eat them because some lib/prog eco-wacko tells me I ought to, or have to, to achieve some bogus collectivist pipe dream.

  4. Well, nobody said it outright yet, so I will. In addition to bugs, eat shit liberals, and keep the f*ck OUT OF MY LIFE! I hate you, I truly do. I don’t say that lightly because I try not to lower myself to your standards in this kind of discourse. But you are truly despicable people.

  5. Bugs! How far away is the suggestion to eat grass? Perfect food source for leftist sheep, while their elitist overlords live in ELYSIUM.

  6. If the Europeans still think the EU is a good idea, then they will get the dinner they deserve.

  7. Well then Elitist bastards, Lead by Example and pledge to eat nothing else and actually eat nothing else and I may listen to your ideas out of courtesy.

  8. what’s the halal ruling on grasshoppers, spiders & ants?

    …. EU can’t function w/out the influx of ‘new migrants’, after all

    (I know, I know … spiders aren’t insects …. but they’re freakin’ bugs … don’t be so racist! 😉 )

  9. When I’m on my bike in the woods, I get quite a few flies in my mouth.

    Does that count and would I have to pay a food tax if I was in Europistan?

  10. “Shut up and eat your G-d damn BUGS!” — as he loads up the slingshot with another fat grub.

  11. “… such a transition “will not happen without a shift in people’s diets”.

    You FIRST, bugnuts. 😡

  12. Given the character and actions of the EU ruling class eating insects would be considered cannibalism.

  13. Considering the French Aristocracy had a “No bread? Then let them eat cake” policy which resulted in their heads being separated from their bodies, what do you think should happen to the EU ‘leadership’ and those who advocate that YOU eat bugs, not cake?


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