Eating At a Flooded Restaurant in Venice

The rising waters are not deterring diners.

The smell most be lovely.

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26 Comments on Eating At a Flooded Restaurant in Venice

  1. Europeans are just fucked up. This is what happens when you are so full of yourself that no matter how idiotic you behave you end believing you’re a trendsetter. I’m thinking the electrical service is above ground.

  2. Summer 1960 and Im swimming off Lido beach Venice when I came face to face with a large Baby Ruth….I wouldn’t have gotten on shore faster if somebody had yelled shark!

  3. They use 240 VAC over there.
    You touch that in ankle deep water…
    Last thing you will ever do.
    Especially salt water!

  4. There used to be a Bar on the Illinois River just outside of Pittsfield

    Illinois…Flooded every Spring…We’d go in and Belly up to the

    Bar in Hip Waders…That’s back when I didn’t have to Pee every Beer.

  5. Sophia Loren would have been OK, she had natural floaters permanently attached. Would have floated all the way to Greece.

  6. The lefty boys chalk the flooding up to global warming. Problem with that is that the water level is 2″ below 1966

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