Eating Raul

Blue state California did what congressional democrats won’t; actually force a powerful elected official out over sexual harassment accusations. Raul Bocanegra resigned yesterday from the California Assembly, giving up his powerful position as Assembly whip. The sudden announcement came after a Los Angeles Times exposé gave the accounts of six women who accused the assemblyman of harassment followed by multiple calls for him to step down from his own constituency and by women’s groups statewide.


14 Comments on Eating Raul

  1. He realized the women’s group weren’t going to let his voters forget he’s a predator.

    That’s the only why these guys ever willingly leave office, when they know they’ve run out of ways to hide from the public.

  2. I wonder when the media will notice that the majority of these cases are Democrats or those that profess to hold liberal values and support any Democrat in office? How can people not notice this? How can the general public, especially the highly educated (or should I say indoctrinated) university crowd not realize that the media have likely actually played down the number of these occurances and in only a few cases have related the entire story.

  3. Has to be more to the scandal. No matter how vile, disgusting, repulsive or illegal, The Los Angeles Times rarely exposes wrong doings by anyone who could potentially damage the communist, er, democrat party.

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