Eating these “Tide Pods” makes sense

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  1. there goes the concept of good sippin’ whiskey

    who drinks a mouthful of Glenlivet? … I mean, besides half the people here? 😉

  2. No thanks. I prefer my Scotch the “Old Fashioned” (see what I did there?) way, in a glass for sippin’.

  3. No. That’s too big of a “sip” at least for me. That’s a throat burning eye watering bite/sip.

    I prefer Oban or Balvenie or Talisker anyways.

  4. If they made smaller ones, you could catch a buzz without irritating your mouth and throat. Hear that, singers?

  5. Gross. What do you do with the “thing” they are packaged in after you bite it? They tryin’ to turn good bartenders into nurses passing out alcohol ‘doses’?

  6. At first I thought how lazy can you get? There are sometimes a person might want to “carry-in” to a sporting or concert event where botellas are not allowed, and when you don’t want to be charged $750 for two beers. Wish they could be used for the TSA experience alone. 😉


    Superb taste there, Illusr8r, FWIW! Do you put it in the freezer for an hour or so before you pour it out? Try it if you haven’t. You get a tactical nuke of flavor when the nectar suddenly hits the warmth of your mouth.

  8. @AbigailAdams,
    this is a good time for me to announce the release of my new line of retro spitoons !

    (I’m guessing the CDC will come at me with 21stCentury modification requirements)

  9. My scotch folk and I prefer Mnkey shoulder + Famuse Grouse. But I have never refused any Scotch!

    And becuse I am mildly anti Anglo, dislike not hate

    I love Rob Roy

    PS Winny + Maggie wee 2 f he greatest leaders of “The free world” EVER! Anglo both


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