Eaton Your Heart Out- Hotel For Progressives Coming To D.C.

Eaton Workshop is a new global brand merging hospitality with progressive social change. Launching in early 2018, it brings to the international market a hybrid model of a hotel, co-working members club, and wellness center, with extensive content and cultural programming supporting the intersection of arts, consciousness and impact. As a gathering place for an inclusive tribe of changemakers and creatives, Eaton Workshop invites activists, artists and entrepreneurs from around the world to instigate meaningful and positive initiatives on both a local and macro scale, as well as to hang out, indulge and follow their bliss.


In Trump’s Washington, Eaton is planting a clear flag as a haven for Democrats. It’s the world’s first politically motivated hotel, the flagship for a global brand that’s built around social activism and community engagement. And it comes with a pedigree: As the daughter of Ka Shui Lo, the creator and executive chairman of Hong Kong-based Langham Hospitality Group Ltd., founder Katherine Lo knows a thing or two about luxury hotels and world-class service.

Among the Washington location’s programming signatures will be a sort of TED talk series driven by the liberal agenda, consisting of fireside chats and rooftop lectures that Lo hopes will be free, open to the public, and streamable as Eaton-branded podcasts. Then comes the art program, which—aside from the political statement piece at check-in—will include commissions from at least a half-dozen up-and-coming local artists and a street-facing exhibition window curated in partnership with local museums and institutions. A co-working space will prioritize memberships for progressive startups, activists, and artists, while a wellness program will offer “inner-health-focused treatments” such as Reiki and sound baths, rather than facials and massages. (Some of these features will roll out a few months after the hotel opens.)


It will also feature:

  • crying pillows and towels
  • organic hot cocoa sessions where grown men don onesies and condemn each other’s penis and testicles
  • The Howard Zinn room, where they practice the ancient art of Zinn
  • free hugs delivered by a 225 pound “woman” with stubble
  • drum circling
  • molotov cocktail workshop

Anything I’m forgetting?


29 Comments on Eaton Your Heart Out- Hotel For Progressives Coming To D.C.

  1. drug resistant VD, anal warts, Hep C, lice, chiggers, bed bugs, over dosed bodies in the unisex bathrooms, unisex shower rooms, locker rooms.

    Anything I’m forgetting?

  2. How do these chuckleheads retain the culture? They have no skills, are largely imbeciles, and they are to the man so mentally disordered as to be nonfunctional in society.

  3. “Anything I’m forgetting?”

    – Body modification, piercing, and tattoo salons
    – Mohammadmen style toilets with a hose and a hole in the floor
    – Sustainably harvested wooden strigils instead of soap.
    – Fair trade wine and cheese tofu bar, wine made with the yeast from barefoot Ethiopian long distance runners’ athletes foot infections

  4. Great way to lose half your potential clientele.
    Not that THAT’S a problem in D.C…………

    The coming re-segregation/separation…let’s hope it’s as peaceful/constructive (I can dream…).

  5. Self-defense training with cans of organically grown vegetables to throw at recycled cardboard targets printed with the images of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump.


    If you’ve been to a liberal college, every workshop, progressive class description, thought piece, speaker, has the SAME VAGUE WORDY BUZZ-WORD-FULLED dog-whistle explanation. It’s liberalese.

    *Consciousness (or awareness)
    *Inclusive (except Republicans)

    All that inclusive, open-minded, everyone welcome crap doesn’t mean what you think it means. Basically, FOR US, NOT THEM.

  7. Why is it that ultra Lib’s have this pissed off unhappy look no matter the occasion ? Look at Do No Wrong Katherine here , does her look say I’m opening my own hotel and it’s going to be awesome, or does it say Life Sucks and I hate it as much as I hate you… Come live with me and life will be Hell ?

  8. All new men can get to know each other at the 9 A.M ” Soggy Biscuit circle social ” Eat the Biscuit and you’ll pretty much get the Flavor of the place , salty as it is !!!

  9. All men are required to wear their Tampons for one week a month, no Pads allowed except for the Newly Penised . Women have a natural no shave policy and facial hair is a plus !

  10. Our employees wear name tags which tell you not only which exotic Country their from, but also a brief description of the Disease’a they carry and that’s only available here !!!

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