Eav Dumb Bell Club Owner Speaks

CBS46 News

Turns out he’s a trust fund baby – heir to the Cox communications fortune.

15 Comments on Eav Dumb Bell Club Owner Speaks

  1. That’s called a millenial ADHD retard that likes his poop being compressed.

    Another reason I don’t watch the news on tv anymore.

    Phuck, I’d hit that with a 2lb hammer just for the fun of it.

  2. I guess that his boy friends down at the club just walk up behind him, bend him over and pull his little Chatty Cathy string. OK, 15 minutes are up…

  3. A little trust fund baby that uses social issues as toys to play with when they get bored. This is virtue signaling from a privileged twerp, who once he feels good about himself will move on to something else.

  4. who’s he gonna call for help when the jihadis are about to throw his gay ass off a talk building? nobody. is that his IQ tattooed on his neck? he sounds like a debate team failure. so now being or acting gay is a race? and if i call you gay I’m racist? oh pahleez, shaaaaaaadup! you fag. he’s armed? hmm, now how you gonna kill someone with that vibrator?

    neway, i’m not finding his relationship to the cox communication empire, he’s way too young and stupid to be this guy. care to care your source?

  5. “Servants of the very wealthy few”

    Oakey Dokey Cox-Boy.

    Here’s an interesting tid-bit right off their web page:
    Jim Chambers (owner/Weightlifting coach): miscreant and weightlifting nerd. Jim discovered weightlifting while living in Russia,

  6. Well gee, I sure am relieved to know that I am a Racist simply for voting for Donald Trump! The irony of which is that the democRATS didn’t even run a non-White candidate in the race!

    As far a Cox-Boy is concerned I’d hate to have his toilet paper bill!
    That thar’s a LOT of asshole to wipe!

  7. Figures.
    A guy who has never earned a damned thing and thinks that life is a series of privileges and handouts because he was born with a Platinum spoon in his mouth.
    Old story. Second-generation rich seem to (generally) be worthless pieces of shit – Kennedys, Rockefellers, Simons, the Taco Bell guy, Roosevelts, Carnahans, Landrieus – these just came readily to mind.

    Apparently they feel some kind of guilt for having ancestors who worked, saved, and made something of themselves.
    They perceive themselves, rightly, as being worthless fetid diseased pustules on the ass of greatness (or the Universe) – hence, their “rebellion” against “society.”

    We could pity them if they weren’t such offensively irritating nuisances.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Nothing like telling everyone in your crime-infested neighborhood that not only do you not allow police around, but you’re RICH too!
    This should be interesting.

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