WUWT: When the sun goes dark, California will lose the equivalent of five nuclear power plants of power.

California is bracing for a significant loss of electric power as its fast-growing fleet of solar electric panels plunge into darkness during a major solar eclipse on August 21.

While the eclipse will be partial in the state, energy planners are getting ready to tap 6,000 megawatts of electricity from other sources between 9 a.m. and noon PDT during the eclipse, according to the California ISO which oversees the electricity markets in America’s most populous state.

The new vulnerability of the massive electric grid to a celestial marvel like an eclipse reflects a massive transformation of how energy is being created and used in America – something most consumers do not ordinarily think about.  more here

15 Comments on Eclipseocalypse

  1. Could somebody post the traffic jams, rioting, and freakishness
    from something not really concerning happening?

    I’m sure SeeENEN will be all over the calamities that ensue.

  2. Thank God and ExxonMobil/ConocoPhillips/BP etc. for fossil fuels to keep California’s air conditioners humming while the eclipse shuts down the solar grid.
    – You think the ecolibtards will show any appreciation?

  3. You know when else they need that added capacity? It’s called “sundown”, from an ancient Mayan word that means “Play time is over”.
    I’ll check my almanac to see when this will occur next.

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