Eddie Rispone on Leftist Democrat John Bel Edwards: ‘We Need Someone Who’s Not Beholden to Special Interests’

Breitbart Politics:

Businessman Eddie Rispone, the GOP candidate for governor in Louisiana in next Saturday’s runoff election, ripped leftist Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards as “beholden” to “trial lawyers” in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News this weekend.

Appearing on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel ahead of the all-important LSU-versus-Alabama football game that President Donald Trump is attending, Rispone laid out his case for why Louisiana should reject Edwards’ leftist Democrat vision and instead install him—a conservative businessman, like Trump—as the state’s next governor.

“It’s extraordinarily important. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn our state around,” Rispone said. “We’re last—we’ve been last now for several years. The governor doesn’t want to admit that, but we’ve been ranked last for the last three years in a row. It’s an opportunity we can’t pass up. We’re going to have a conservative House and a conservative Senate, and what we need is a governor who’s conservative—an outsider, someone with serious business skills. Just as important, we need someone who’s not beholden to special interests. This governor is completely beholden to the trial lawyers. He was one. He can’t get anything done. He’s killing thousands of jobs, literally thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industry. We have the second highest auto insurance in the country. It’s killing jobs, and it’s also just really hurting the middle and lower income families—they can’t pay the premiums. You have to make choices between rent and utilities and things of that nature. This just has to be done, it’s an opportunity we can’t pass up.”

President Trump has already done two rallies with Rispone—one before the Oct. 12 runoff where Rispone edged out Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-LA) to face off against the Democrat Edwards in the Nov. 16 runoff, and the other last week during early voting—and he is planning lots more to help Rispone. The topic is almost certainly going to come up during Trump’s appearance at the LSU-Alabama game on Saturday afternoon, and Trump is likely headed back to Louisiana next week for another rally with Rispone. read more

4 Comments on Eddie Rispone on Leftist Democrat John Bel Edwards: ‘We Need Someone Who’s Not Beholden to Special Interests’

  1. Edwards has done a good job making Rispone (That’s pronounced Ris PON EE) look like a sleezy businessman man with his commercials. Rispone has done a decent job making Edwards look liberal with his. Edwards runs as a conservative but if you examine his record, which is hard to do, because he will leak fake news to the Baton Rouge Advocate and the Advocate will willingly publish it; then Edwards quotes the Advocate as proof of his accomplishments and conservativism.

    People fall for Edwards’ BS. It’s amazing – and maddening.

  2. Just remember, vote for Dhimmicrat Hope & Change® Snake Oil, get filth, corruption, cronyism, worthless, federal tit-sucking voters with food stamps, endless hand-out programs and Shit-Holes!


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