Edible insects set to be approved by EU

climate depot: It is being billed as the long-awaited breakthrough moment in European gastronomy for mealworm burgers, locust aperitifs and cricket granola.

Within weeks the EU’s European Food Safety Authority is expected by the insect industry to endorse whole or ground mealworms, lesser mealworms, locusts, crickets and grasshoppers as being safe for human consumption.

The ruling is likely to lead to the final authorisation of their sale across the EU as a “novel food” by as soon as the autumn, opening up opportunities for mass production of a range of insect dishes to be sold across Europe for the first time. read more

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  1. You know what my Petey B and I’s favorite insect is? A cockroach. Why you ask? Because it has the word cock in it you sillies!

  2. Speaking of insects, what happened to the Locust plague that was sweeping Africa and parts of Asia?

    Seems like it just became insignificant once the devastation of the coronavirus started being reported, did it just go away and everything is fine now?


    Eating insects has destroyed the natural food chain leading to mass starvation.


    eating ‘wet market’ animals approved by EU

    h/t to Burr

  5. I’ve used edible insects for years….on a hook for trout. Artificial flies and lures ruin the mood….

  6. You’ve been eating insects all your lives. The FDA has a nice table of allowable insects and insect parts/eggs all the various foodstuffs they inspect, which is just about all of it.

    There aren’t any zeroes.

  7. remember:
    flies are insects
    flies eat shit

    btw, USDA guidelines also allow so much rat shit in food too

    … bon appetit

  8. OK that’s it.

    This is no joking matter any longer.

    Open your restaurants and bars RIGHT NOW.

    Tyrants who are using this phony epidemic have played their hands. The gig is up. Your last hand has been played. Once again you have failed even though you have stolen trillions from our stocks and sent everyone into in an unnecessary panic allowing those predisposed to dictatorship an easy hat tip towards totalitarianism.

    Are we simply to willingly comply? I think not.
    This is a well engineered smackdown on America executed by malevolent democrats who know that this is their last chance to smother America and steal the next election.



    Open up your restaurant.

    I’ll gladly go.

    Done with media/democrat liars. Why put up with their bullshit?

    Make America Two Weeks Ago!

    Are you kidding me?

    Tuck your little masks and gloves into your…

  9. PHenry, you are exactly right. Our “betters” mete out multiple new indignities each day. How many human insects will obey?


    The EU and American FDA just approved converting 100 million metric tons of U.S. currency to edible food since it doesn’t buy anything anyway.

  11. Rick. If you don’t demand that you’ll not eat bugs, guess what you’ll be eating?

    This is a war not of our choosing, but we Americans once rose up over a tax. On Tea.

    Now we have we can’t even go to a restaurant.

    To hell with this.

  12. So, a restauranteur who wants to open needs about 100+ “friends” with AR-15’s (or similar) to stand-down the state police who will descend on the place accompanied by news crews. Excellent. I like it. Then, the discussion will make the news and people might just figure it out.

  13. I ate a cricket once. I was teaching survival merit badge at a north Florida scout camp. You know, rambling on and on about edible this and edible that. And a scout caught a grasshopper and said “prove it.”

    At that point, you earn respect or you’re seen as a fraud. So I ate it. Class went really well for the rest of the week.

    Great memories of Boy Scouts. That was before the homofascists destroyed the BSA. Had to grieve it and move on.

    But the grasshopper tasted alright. Why a government needs to approve this, I could never imagine. I do understand why John the Baptist would dip locusts in honey, though. They’re kind of bland.

  14. I ate choc cake. Snickers bar not necessary.
    Constitutional rights will allow me to rest peacefully.

    Nothing less.

    You OK not being able to go out for pizza and beer because the MoronaVirus is .0004%?

    This is a demElectoralHoax because they’re losing badly. Hint. We need mail in ballots. It’s not safe to vote.

  15. When people start eating insects it is a pretty good bet that governments have failed, society is in total disarray, maybe after a war or a pandemic and no one is listening to the EU anyways.


  16. huron @

    The guy in ottawa wont eat insects.

    Just Cock!
    Lots and lots of Cock!
    Fresh Cock that never had a feather on it!

  17. what is needed is for businesses that are not considered ‘essential’ in the local Gulag, to open themselves back up w/ a sign saying ‘No entry unless wearing a face covering according to Presidential Guidelines issued April 4, 2020’

    if local Gulag Gestapo descend upon such establishment, they should immediately call the local press & announce that they are being raided & shuttered because they are trying not to go into bankruptcy, & becoming a burden on the US taxpayer, while establishing proper Chinese Virus guidelines by the CDC

    like PHenry said … time to stop this crap

  18. This could be a boon to the local economy up here in the PNW; Oregon is famous for it’s banana slugs. Big and juicy, raw or sauteed. Mmmm Slug! The other grey meat!

  19. Just a thought.

    The Wuhan wet market is the suspected ground zero for what we are dealing with right now. Bats, and the many other more exotic animals aren’t really for the peasants to eat – they can’t afford those “luxury” foods. Those were for the upper crust to show off how they could afford to burn money for exotic foodstuffs.

    I think the insect idea also only appeals to those who have lots of wealth and want to show how very special and enlightened they are by braving that kind of a foodstuff.

    Just another door opening to unneeded, showy decadence.

  20. I’m not too fond of bugs, but crawdads, lobster, crab, shrimp, those are good. I guess water bugs are OK.

  21. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ April 5, 2020 at 10:31 pm

    > like PHenry said … time to stop this crap

    But on a(n admittedly, inappropriately) serious note:

    The current regime will not change. Because it cannot change. It does exactly what it was designed to do.

    The same applies to those that oppose it. (I guess for the I Love Science!™ crowd, “designed” should be replaced with “evolved”.) “Well regulated” “patriots” will never set things right. (“Muh Constitution!”, “It’s their fault!”, “My shiny, shiny, couch.”) Good™ rank & file of The Party will do what they were hired to do. (That’s why they offered to be hired.) And, those dear… sweet… Islamists… have their hearts in the right place (actually, no, no <sarc>). But The United States has a population of a-third-of-a-billion — Hearts & Minds™ ain’t gonna happen, and they don’t have the numbers to even do North American “no go” banlieues (let alone “land grabs” large enough to be self-sustaining).

    I never thought an Ebola grade, with AIDS style transmission, pandemic would arrive. (And COVID19’s about as satisfying as every other “We’re Not The Communists™: cheer and throw money”, “wild animal” mascot, saviour.)

    A European/Venezuelan bust out, grind down, looked like our “only hope” (yeah, a light dusting of <sarc> on that “hope”).

    Until now. And it’s still just a dream, of a glimmer, of a hope. But an undeniable, Great Depression grade collapse (where people who refuse to think, because “You can’t make me!”; or even look, because “My own lying eyes!”), en masse, agree, “Well. That didn’t go well.” can pause the monster’s momentum. Which makes it, so much, easier to redirect. Without nearly as much damage. To what’s left.

    So why are “thinking” Americans, who are not “patriots” (yes, the two are, mutually exclusive), not “Putting Out the Fire, With Gasoline”? (I miss that guy[‘s music].) (Still asking the question, even if it, unironically, includes “Patriotic American? I resemble that remark!”)

    (Gads! Lock down’s “pop” “cultur”ed muh brain. Sad.)

  22. I’m with Abe and PHenry on this one.

    This all boils down to how much they (the bourgeoisie, the corrupt rich, the people who want to rule us) can get away with.

    Taking away our rights to leave our homes, buy a meal, go inside a theater, shop for a birthday.
    And now they want us to eat BUGS while they continue to eat REAL FOOD not insects???

    They’re testing us. They want to steal any election they can and with the USA being a major power and with Biden being a complete and utter fookin mess; they’re aiming to set Trump and us up for a fall.


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