Edmonton Canada: Face masks are mandatory for kids over age 2

Global News.ca : Children over two are now required to wear a face mask inside public buildings in Edmonton.

The idea of three-year-old wearing a mask properly may be difficult to imagine, but University of Alberta professor of educational psychology Jacqueline Leighton said normalizing mask use can help significantly. more

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  1. “…they’re more likely to see that practice normalized.”

    Anybody still think it’s not about Compliance and Control??

    The road map is Nazi Germany. And they’re NOT hiding it.

  2. I saw a woman in Walmart a few days ago that had 3 little boys about 3 to 6 years old. They all wanted masks and Walmart had them to give out because “everybody has to have a mask”. The littlest one got a mask and said “now I’m protected”. His mother sarcastically commented that “he was really protected very well now” because the mask left large gaps all around his little face and nose and mouth. The masks simply don’t fit little children and they probably do no better for adults even if they do fit, if you want to believe the truth about the whole thing.

    She was simply humoring them because of all the idiocy surrounding masks right now. I’m sure he was an unwitting little victim of all the nonsense that is going around these days.

    Bless his little heart and that of his loving mother as well.
    I hope the little ones see that this was all garbage in the future.

    This is the BS we sadly have to live with these days.

  3. Used to be a difference between being a “subject” and being a “citizen” – guess that ain’t true anymore.

    WE have a Constitution which protects us from overly oppressive assholes in government and … uhh … well … oops … looks like we’ve misplaced our Constitution …

    Never in the History of disease have the healthy been punished for the sake of the sick. And it is not so now.
    The healthy are being punished for the sake of politics and political gain – by the overarching need to hijack the coming election – which the totalitarians KNOW they lose on merit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. This, the social isolation and alienation, is actually dangerous to the social, emotional, and psychological development of the child.

    Which is why it’s being done, it suits the PTB in the New World they are creating.

  5. Best explanation I can give is:

    Alberta is Canada’s Texas. (Very conservative & hard working)

    Edmonton is the pocket of leftie stupidity that is trying to be Austin Texas without the quirky talent & concerts. The socialist soy boy wimpies and welfares have taken over that citie’s politics. The rest of Alberta is very different.

    Calgary is a much more accurate version of an Alberta City but even it has been run by a leftie Mayor for a long time. Edmonton is Famous for NOT having Wayne Gretzky anymore. Federally they All voted Conservative except 1 riding.

    Fucking Embarrassing.

    Incidentally & Unrelate;

    Turdeau is now involved in his 3rd Major ethics violation.

    We Charity “Re-Imbursed” him Mommy, Wife, & Brother, $300,000 for “expenses” for speaking at “charity events” How Very Clinton of Him Eh!

  6. I wouldn’t walk across the street to go to Calgary Stampede any longer. Pantywaist Canadians have turned it into a goat rodeo.


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