Education is the Lynchpin for the Left

Patriot Retort: The Left cannot lose the battle to maintain control over education. It is more important to them than abortion. Because if they lose the battle over education, every other piece of ground the Left controls, including abortion, will be threatened. It is, in short, the very lynchpin of their entire plan to conquer America.

This is precisely why the White House colluded with the National School Boards Association in creating the letter the NSBA sent to the White House in order to give Attorney General Merrick Garland the pretense to target parents protesting at school board meetings.

Yesterday, the Washington Free Beacon reported that the NSBA president Viola Garcia, who was behind the September 29 letter to the White House, was subsequently tapped to join the Biden Education Department.

This is how desperate they are to preserve their stranglehold over your children’s education.

The whole incestuous stew of collaboration exposes the sheer panic over losing that stranglehold. In their panic they created what they believed was the perfect pretense to intimidate parents into silence and preserve the very lynchpin that holds their ideology together.

Education is the one battle the Left cannot lose. Because if we remove the lynchpin, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. But that desperate letter backfired on them, didn’t it? more here

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  1. The only good thing about Covid is that it exposed what was going on in our schools.
    Turning on parents who dis-approved may prove to be a fatal mistake for the dems.

  2. Makes you wonder why they were so eager to shut down the schools and force distance-learning on everyone. Pretty stupid to force a (virtually) nationwide experiment on home schooling on people who would otherwise never have tried it for themselves, and I’m sure it convinced more than a few that keeping their kids out of public schools was a pretty damn good idea worth continuing.

  3. Since Joe Biden is a known and lifelong stupid man who not bright in any sense of the word, the paying globalist and communist collaborators who maneuver him around with his approval have engaged Sun Tzo’s ‘the art of war’. These are just a few of their laying of plans: 1)All warfare is based on deception. 2)Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him. 3)If your opponent is of choleric temper seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. These same rules of engagement can be used against the enemies of Americans and much livelier too since our enemies aren’t especially bright either. Once a person or group gets busted in their vile antics, they’ve lost already.

  4. All this has been in the making for a long time. The communists in this country have been saying they would win since I can remember and they’ve been working hard on it since but few noticed till more recent years. But they got greedy and are trying to seal the deal. Glad Americans are seeing what is going on and fighting against it.

  5. Marx and Engels thought it was important.
    They wanted children in state run schools as soon as possible. They also sought to do away with loyalty to family.
    They saw being a wife and mother as a form of slavery.
    Saul Alinsky taught his followers to convince children they’re smarter and more enlightened than their parents.

    Dianny is right when she says the right has done nothing. There are a lot of phony “conservatives”.
    I think GW Bush. He doesn’t like Trump cuz Trump pushes back hard. He whines about Trump supporters for not being nice.
    It’s past time people pushed back.

  6. Yikes digital school photo touch-ups by Life Touch!
    It says as young as pre-school, but what are they doing in public schools anyway, k is too young

  7. Really? And more breaking news, water is wet! If kicking YAH out of the schools was not enough of a wake up call, if burning our children to molech (abortion) was not enough, ad infinitum…

    NOTHING is going to happen, save that which YHWH has ordained. We are seeing a shadow of the coming Tribulation, the forewarning, before judgement.

  8. @ dee OCTOBER 27, 2021 AT 7:49 AM

    Leftists see children as fashion accessories. Everything is about them. They are infantile in a much as they demand constant gratification and have children to scratch that itch. And don’t get me started on the bullshit eating disorders they inflict on their offspring.

  9. Let’s be honest. The concept of “Education” to the Left is really indoctrination!
    Aaaannnd it is a very deceptive and dangerous indoctrination at that!
    Everything that Leftists in the education field do is aimed at fouling up the next generation so that they are easily manipulated and wind up with no shot at competing on the world stage!

  10. The students in Loudoun county staged a walkout over the rape and trans policy. YOu can bet the conversation in many of those homes is not pro-Terry.


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