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Education Professor: Whiteness is a “Disease”

In a scholarly article published in Teaching Education, Professor Cheryl Matias calls whiteness “a disease,” while suggesting new ways to teach urban students about “racism and whiteness.”

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Dr. Matias is an assistant Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. Her article, Why do you make me hate myself?: Re-Teaching Whiteness, Abuse, and Love in Urban Teacher Education, was published in Teaching Education this year.

In her article, Matias writes that teachers must address “normalized, oppressive Whiteness,” saying that a “colorblind” society cannot truly exist in the United States. “Despite silently acknowledging that race plays a role in” achievement gaps, writes Matias, “the study of race, racism, and exertions of Whiteness are rarely recognized as a substantive issue in teacher education and the teaching profession.”

Racism and whiteness are diseases that need to be addressed, she continues, writing, “We cannot even begin to address symptoms, such as the racial achievement gap, if we do not address the underlying diseases of racism and Whiteness.”

There isn’t even an argument that white supremacy exists, Matias writes, saying she won’t even bother to prove the concept during her paper.

“This article acknowledges White supremacy as an overarching system of white Western racial domination, which manifests globally,” she explains. “We are all operating under the system of white supremacy.”

Teachers must examine their own “whiteness,” Dr. Matias argues. “As the only person of color in the room,” she explains, “I am often left with the pain of being denied a racial reality. Thus, the cycle of abuse is a pyrrhic victory, one where the pain and tears of whites override my own pain.”

Indeed, she writes, “DiAngelo (2011) argued that white fragility plays an essential role in the maintenance of Whiteness and when unfettered, the consequences can be dire.”

Education has been biased in favor of “whites,” Dr. Matias goes on. “Teacher education – replete with a majority of white stakeholders who write the curricula, program frameworks, assessments, and standards – has permitted Whiteness to become a white enterprise.

“Worse yet, some white teachers and teacher educators co-opt and redefine theories first conceptualized by scholars of color who were resisting the hegemonic oppression of Whiteness,” she continues. “In using their white ocular to filter out the most radical parts of these theories to fit within white color-blind comforts,the essence of their conception is lost.”

In the end, “Once teacher education understands how and why whites have become culturally white, it can engage in a deeper conversation of race and racism, move beyond guilt, anger, and denial needed to become whole-heartedly antiracist.”

iOTW Report was the first news site to report on Matias’s statements.

109 Comments on Education Professor: Whiteness is a “Disease”

  1. How did I become “culturally white?” By applying myself and staying out of trouble.

    I have no interest in a culture that fails to credit personal responsibility and choice and glorifies misbehavior. And I refuse to be guilt – tripped into believing that I am a bad person for feeling this way.

  2. Where do we sign up to be Star-Bellied Sneeches?

    Dr. Suess got it and wrote a book my children understand. Apparently these morons never will. The agitators are the only people who care about race.

  3. Good G-d. Another White Guilt Libtard.
    I refuse to be bullied, especially by the likes of this do-nothing, know-nothing NEA union Libtard.
    Look. If you don’t like your skin color, or are micro-aggressed by what one of your ancestors might have done (but you haven’t), or any other idiotic mental twaddle, just do us all a favor and commit suicide. Kill yourself. Please. Now. Quit polluting the education and gene pool for the next generation.

  4. Will one of my fellow IOTW’s with the skill make a meme of John Wayne with the top line “Three Word’s” And bottom line “Man Up Pussy” please step up.

    This will be our response to all these fearful Social Justice Warriors.

  5. SO much to quote and comment on, but I’ll start with this one:

    “Education has been biased in favor of “whites,” Dr. Matias goes on. “Teacher education – replete with a majority of white stakeholders who write the curricula, program frameworks, assessments, and standards – has permitted Whiteness to become a white enterprise.”

    So start your own damn college with your own damn curricula, program frameworks, assessments, and standards and see how far you and your students get in life, bitch.

    Prove yourself since you don’t feel the need to prove anything else.

    I KNEW I was mistreated and underpaid at the last job I had working for someone else.

    I proved it by starting my own and making more money with less effort and headaches.

    Quit being a hateful whiney-ass bitch and prove yourself if you’re so damn right.

  6. To the maker of said meme:

    Please put a comma after Up.

  7. Thank you. Is it just me, or did any of this screed make sense? “I am often left with the pain of being left without a racial reality.” Really?

  8. If whiteness is a disease, then what is the cure?

    How about total quarantine (segregation now… segregation forever), so that the people of color don’t catch it??

  9. That’s been tried before. Didn’t end well.


  10. “As the only person of color in the room I am often left with the pain of being denied a racial reality.” So, if teaching this bullshit at UC Denver is so painful for her, maybe she should apply for a position at one of the historic black colleges in the US, like Grambling? Then she can deal with her “racial reality” while not being the “only person of color in the room”. This really sounds like her personal problem that everyone else (whites) have to solve for her.

  11. Say it loud, say it proud…

    I’m white, I’m right, and you can kiss my big pink ass.

  12. For self-hating whites, my suggestion is that they publicly cry out their shame for being white, and then find a building of suitable height and hurl themselves off of it.

  13. Read her bio and you’ll find another race-baiting affirmative action womyn. She could hit the trifecta if she’d come out of the closet as a lesbian but prefers to be a “motherscholar”. She’s writing just another paper excusing the urban black or brown (or in her case apparently mocha) population for failing miserably at anything even close to a normal performance in academics and for that matter, some of them making it impossible for others to achieve good results. What positive results could this idiot possibly think would occur when she calls being white a disease? Love to see her in a debate with Condi Rice.

  14. Wow. Catch phrase much?

    What ever the “disease” is, she is a carrier.

  15. “…white fragility plays an essential role in the maintenance of Whiteness and when unfettered, the consequences can be dire.”

    That’s some major-league projection right there espaecially after the week of the millionaire hunger striker and the cry-bully at Yale.

  16. Make it a dwarf lesbian mother raising her orphan from Africa as a vegetarian and she’ll be mother of the year.

  17. We don’t need to read the entire clap-trap to know that this person sees their own life as a series of unacknowledged personal failures and is projecting her own future based on her own past and present. All she is attempting is to turn her own miserable life into some sort of profound “teachable moment”, but isn’t willing to blame herself for her inability to meet her own expectations. That kind of ego problem will not rest until it finds a theory that shields the awful truth. She uses the easiest and most popular target available today: “White” society. She needs therapy and even that may not be enough. These are the people who are teaching our children in public school; a bunch of emotionally and psychologically undifferentiated blobs who are using their college and teaching days to find their “inner child”, not realizing they haven’t achieved adulthood and screwing up a lot of blameless people in the process. I wouldn’t let her within 1000 feet of me or my kids.

    Has anyone watched the video of that woman who pretended to be black, the one who was with the NAACP? Confronted time and again with the evidence that she is not black, she refused to believe it and admit she is white. Same thing here. It’s a mental illness akin to hearing voices and living in a complete fantasy land of one’s own construction.

  18. I’ll hoist one or ten….but I am NOT going to look at his pink ass…let alone kiss it.

  19. Nawww.. Lesbian is sooo 2011. It would have to be a transexual man who is also somehow a “mother” raising her orphan “daughter” (who’s actually a boy) to quality as mother of the year now.

  20. Can we start calling “blackness” a disease now?

  21. Maybe a nice stroll through the south side of Chitcago at night would set her straight.

  22. She is advocating the extermination of the Caucasian race….Blacks are not only racist they want to commit genocide until only their color of people is left.

    Nazis would be so proud.

  23. I’m tired of being unjustly accused of being white every time I turn around.

    I’m pink, dammit.

  24. Symptoms include:
    The persistent ability to graduate from school without the benefit of the Bell Curve, reading comprehension, a desire to improve your lot in life, a tremendously thick skin to endure the endless barbs hurled at you both others, and a belief that skin color doesn’t matter.

  25. None of it make sense. It’s all gibberish.

  26. I honestly don’t know what to say about this nut-case. How’d you guys allow this BS to get any kind of foothold in your society? You guys are getting pushed from every angle and eventually someone’s going to loose it and start shooting these idiots, probably a parent that’s spent a fortune on their child’s education only to find out they are only good for flipping burger.
    Need to get these people as far away from your children as possible. Find them a nice little island paint it up like a rainbow and ship them off. Give them the RAW material they’ll need to survive and sit back and watch as they figure out that reality is way different then what they seem to think.

  27. Bingo! That is exacty what I was thinking as I read down to your post. She typifies the kind of radical moron who will hop onboard a “Final Solution” agenda in a heartbeat! These are very dangerous creatures!

  28. I’m cough, cough…white, alright, don’t get too close. I am the disease you might get a dose! wake up happy, feel like working, stop blaming other people for your failings. yea cough, cough you don’t want to feel this good. it’s a disease must be bad for you.

  29. “Need to get these people as far away from your children as possible. Find them a nice little island paint it up like a rainbow and ship them off. Give them the RAW material they’ll need to survive and sit back and watch as they figure out that reality is way different then what they seem to think.”

    In a roundabout way we already have that, it’ called Chicago, Detroit,……………………….etc.

  30. I don’t know but I suspect we’d have to go back eons in the gene pool.

  31. This is what we call a hot load from a dog’s behind.

    Whiteness is NOT a disease…that is utter bollocks. Being stupid is a disease, and those who ascribe to such theories are the ones spreading said disease.

  32. Having read the practicum, being an idiot is a prerequisite to the course of study.

    We are lucky there are a few PHDs in the University System who were actually intelligent, good actors and became Professors.

  33. So much hate! Her theory is obviously true if we look at well run countries without the disease of whiteness, like Zimbabwe, or Pakistan. They have no problems there with minority rights!

  34. That is so awesome! I have a disease and didn’t know it, wow!

    Where do I sign up for my disability check?

  35. Yeah they hate white people but LOVE our democracy, civilization, technology and country WE created. Why don’t black people go back to Africa and build their own country exactly the way they want it?

  36. I don’t see them rushing for the exits.

    Seriously, Matias, if you hate it here, move to one of those glorious successful countries in Africa, like Sudan for instance.

    GTFO. We do not need you. Increasingly, we do not want you. On the horizon, we will no longer be willing to even tolerate you.

  37. I’m not white….maybe light orange…..but not white.

    By the way Blacks are the most racist people on earth.

  38. If you have any concern, affection for your children get them away from these people at all cost. Allowing these cretins to be involved with children is borderline child abuse

  39. MJA,

    I’m becoming convinced we a now seeing the results of psychotropic drugs being prescribe to our youth for things we older adults used to just grow out off.

    Hyperactivity is now a disease.Schools coerce parents into doping their kids to make it easier for the teachers,

    Also, on a side note, I never hear you whining as a women of color, or lashing out when some of the regulars here make bigoted comments. Do you ever get pissed off?

  40. Hello Tots,
    Your comment is too kind. And in the same time too subtle for the morons

  41. So why use the apostrophe between “word” and “s?”

    Let’s get ALL snotty!

  42. I am surprised you don’t know. The answer is: White is the new black.

  43. It wasn’t snotty, it was naughty! Without that comma those three words take on a very different meaning.

  44. Well said. What has become known as Western Culture is the superior way for people to coexist and collaborate freely. It happened to be the product of white people, but that’s irrelevant. Anybody with a different skin color is welcome to join in as long as they agree to acculturate appropriately.

  45. Fuck You, cheryl. With a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and dipped in hog shit.

  46. Except that many of us Caucasians have learned our lessons from history, will NOT give up our weapons, and are ready to shoot back.
    The ball’s in your court now, Cheryl. What’cha gonna do now? Whine, stamp your feet, call names, throw more tantrum? Let me know when, I’d LOVE to bring a vid camera.

  47. Exactly.

    I’m sure Tim would have caught that if he thought about it a bit.

  48. Hey Fur, can you grab this Bint’s paper and put it somewhere I can download it to look at it? I don’t want her to have my IP address. I do not want to have these goofy idiots to have my address to annoy or pursue legal action against me.


  50. You know what I think? I think this professor should make another installment of ROOTS, depicting her struggle in a supposedly free society which systematically keeps her black, and marginalized.

  51. “… I owe it to both them and our many students of color historically forced to locate in urban communities …”

    Really? Who “forced” the “coloreds” to locate in urban “communities?”

    A herd of wildebeests is hardly a “community.”

    They accrete in urban environs because that’s where the free shit is and out in the country one has to work to live.

  52. If you’ve studied the subject of communism what she is saying is understandable. This is hardcore communist propaganda. Agitprop for the next genocide. Us. What I can’t understand is that when and if they get this accomplished they will also be gotten rid of. That is what happened to the bolsheviks after stalin came to power in Russia. Lenin had a useful name for them ”useful simpletons”. The liberals out there mollycoddling them will also be gotten rid of as well.
    Best way to understand all this is there is no cure for stupid! Thats the real disease.

  53. Use tor browser. Always use tor.
    I encourage every one of you on this site to use tor, in fact.
    download it at tor project dot org.
    Seriously, the NSA will have your names and info in another series of John Doe raids like we saw recently for browsing “extremist” (i.e., right-leaning) websites.

  54. Sorta like the difference between

  55. Use tor browser. Always use tor.
    I encourage every one of you on this site to use tor, in fact.
    download it at tor project dot org.
    Seriously, the NSA will have your names and info in another series of John Doe raids like we saw recently for browsing “extremist” (i.e., right-leaning) websites.

  56. NO! Let her get help AFTERWARDS….

  57. “Lefthanded latina lesbian librarians with a limp…UNITE!”
    -Vladimirina Leninova (trannie)

  58. You must be new around here.

    “will” have our names?

    heh. I don’t think anyone here assumes they don’t already.

    The only reason any of us need to keep any privacy is for the crazies out there that would stalk and harm us.

    You’re playing into their hand by hiding. You’re agreeing it’s something that should be hidden. Balderdash!

    This is where something like “keep your ammo dry” would go, but the masses are easier to starve and set them on each other for survival than outright kill.

    If your that worried about it, I would suggest getting right with God and praying for guidance. No one gets out alive anyway.

    Make a stand for what’s right, If there are enough of us – we win.

    If not – at least you’re good to go with the eternal aspect of existence. This is all temporary anyway.

  59. Matias should be immediately removed from her position. She is obviously still trying to figure out to what race she actually belongs. Those who scream racism the loudest are in reality the racists themselves. The state of Colorado was once a nice place to visit and/or live. Unfortunately, it has been completed overran with bat crazy liberals. By the way her area of expertise should not even exist. It does not provide one iota of value to our country. I’m starting to believe my 80 year old father when he predicts that we as a country will see another civil war.

  60. I’m glad to see she at least recognizes that in her papers she needs to capitalize White.

    Hers is a special kind of stupid. What amazes me is that anyone gives her space to voice her stupidity. Like Melissa Harris Perry, it must be physically painful to be that stupid.

  61. PhD in Race and Gender Studies pretty much says it all..

  62. I guess Dr. Ben ‘ s lost her, eh?

  63. At a party years ago, our goofball hostess challenged us to invent the wackiest protest group possible.

    My entry won. It was a group protesting that product which used to be advertised on late-night teevee called the “Salad Shooter.” The protest group was called Lesbians against Violence to Cucumbers.

  64. Naaah. let her kill herself. The sooner the better. Then she won’t continue to infect her students, our children, with her Libtard infection and disease. And think of the health insurance money we, the people, will save in not having to treat her for her obviously incurable Libtard-ism. I say that, because she most likely has ObamaCare, which is costing us, the taxpayers, millions.

  65. Cheryl dear, if yer so disgusted with yerself please look up Jack Kevorkian’s number and give him a ringy-dingy…

  66. You want Africa to look like Detroit? Chicago? Oakland? Baltimore?

    Oh wait…

  67. Her delusional machinations sound like she’s the one with a disease – some sort of mental illness. Marxism codifies the warped, narcissist, childlike behavior cultivated by the university educational environment. Thanks to Bill Ayers, his cadre and bad parenting, most American millennials have no idea who they are or their responsibilties as members of society in order to thrive and be a benefit to others.

  68. They can’t live with us but can’t live without us either.

  69. A PhD in Race & Gender Studies……..

    Don’t those come on a roll and you wipe you’re @ss with them?

  70. Someone should have informed either her parents, ancestors or whatever shoe fits, Loretta. Take a look at her picture. That ain’t all black!

  71. Don’t give a damn how long you hid from reality in college, Professor – you’re still full of shit.

  72. I’ve figured out what “white privilege” is and it real.

    It is the 20 point mean IQ advantage whites have over Africans. It is real and it is genetic. There is nothing we can do other than to vote democrat to fix this problem.

  73. Because the racially approved answer is 1+1=POTATO.

  74. Geeeeee…I wonder why the word nigga never goes out of date. Get over it biatch. You know you folk all wish u waz wite.

  75. She’s just another silly pendeja that embarrasses the shit out of those of us who don’t race bait or cry victim.

  76. I always find it interesting the people that constantly bring up the topic of racism do so with blatantly racist talking points.

  77. The teachers problems are not because of color, it is because she thinks she deserves more than others that have worked hard to be where they are.

  78. Actually, this here young female is one of those LA RAZA-LULAC-MEChA racial agitators … La ReConquista … you know – white people stole Mexico’s land and wealth and future and they are fighting to take it back.

    Mexiqaeda. This type works to drive El Norte Americanos Gringos from Aztlan – the stolen province … which depending on the version you go with is either everything after the Louisiana Purchase or everything West of the Mississippi.

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