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Eeny, Meeny, Miny….RACIST!

This “Walking Dead” t-shirt caused a stir in the UK when Primark offered it up for sale.  Of course the store folded immediately and withdrew the offending clothing.


This is why we can’t have edgy, trendy, popular things.  Someone will lack a sense of context and get offended.

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  1. The correct corporate response from Primark should have been, “Eat me.” What’s next for accusations of racism? “Inka binka bottle o’ ink the cork fell out and you stink?”

  2. Dumbest shit I’ve heard all week. lol.
    Don’t back down, Jeffrey!
    I guess they’ve never bothered to watch the show at all.
    There’s a race for everyone on it. sheesh.

  3. it’s all they have

    bring on the race card again and again pls

    it’s all part of the leftist implosion, which i hope is very very painful over the next decade for all progressive pussies

  4. I can’t imagine the tormented mind that thinks this way and sees this BS. Liberalism, they weren’t born this way but boy have they been turned into the perfect leftist sjws.

  5. Never saw the tv show, but-

    That is a method of counting, invented and used by shepherds in times of long ago. It counts by ‘scores’, or by 20’s, rather than 10’s. It is much faster than counting by going through 20’s, 30’s and on and on. Each time the rhyme begins again, a finger is extended, and when done, the number of fingers multiplied by 20 yields the number. Un-common core, I guess.
    Good night.

  6. According to Wiki:

    There are many common variations, such as replacing tiger with “piggy”, “tinker”, “tigger”, “chicken”, “monkey”, “baby”, “spider”, “teacher”, “miner”, a two-syllable name, etc.; and changing the verb in the third line to “screams”, “wiggles”, “squeals” or another verb.[4] The last two lines may be changed to “if he hollers, let him pay, fifty dollars every day.

    Looks like a racist lefty needs to poor an extra cup of hot chocolate, suit up in his jammies and get to editing.

  7. I didnt see it at first. I didnt even think of the rest of the ryhme but since im not a living dead fan i would have no reference of its real intention.

    someone thought it meant to be beat the shit out of niggers?

  8. @ Irony, I haven’t thought about Inka Binka in decades. I’m going to have to play that with my granddaughter. She’ll think it’s a hoot. Thanks for the reminder.

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