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EEOC Creates Opportunity to Stomp On Free Speech

In a workplace racial harassment case ignored since 2014, the EEOC has decided that though the original Gadsden flag itself isn’t racist, it has become associated with racists in our time.

If this becomes precedent then anything an employee wears that counters the Progressive narrative could also be viewed as harassment since liberals call everyone that opposes them racist. Thanks to the EEOC, 1st amendment rights might just stop at the work place door.


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  1. Guess they’ll have to trade their Gadsden Flag shirts for Confederate Battle Flag T-shirts. Stars and Bars, bitches.

  2. This will continue until the press is forced to cover this kind of nonsense on the 6 o’clock news. So don’t hold your breath.

  3. “… though the original Gadsden flag itself isn’t racist …”

    How can a flag be “racist?”
    How can ANY symbol be “racist,” in and of, itself?
    The concept is pure imbecility. Pure stupidity. Exceptionally pure ignorance.

    The EEOC is, obviously, playing a game quite different from their charter and original intent. If the Legislative Branch weren’t such a conglomeration of fecklessness and treason, I’d think they might want to look into the matter – but I’m sure cowardice rules the day.

    These things will NOT improve of their own accord …

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. this unEqual Employment Opportunity Commission bullshit is just aching to go to SCOTUS on a 1st Amendment freedom of speech challenge.

    I can just imagine what else EEOC will judge as “racist” – NRA shirt, Trump shirt, shirt with a picture of the US Constitution on it…..the list is endless.

  5. Progtardic faggots are busy trying to stop the display of the Confederate flag at the Bikes, Blues & BBQ rally in NW Arkansas this year.

    They didn’t have any luck trying to get the city of Fayetteville to ban the flag. The city probably pulls in half a million dollars from each of these biker events.

    When will they learn that nobody gives a shit about their stupid ideas about an imagined racism that only exists in their empty heads?

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