Effective Montage Showing Just How “Effective” the Jab Is

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  1. Imagine just how strong your ego needs to be so that you can be so provably and publicly wrong and dangerous about such important life and death issues yet you’re gladly going back out into the media and saying things that will soon be probably wrong and dangerous AGAIN.

  2. How many more times will Joe declare victory over the coof thanks to the highly effective vaccines in the next 3 years? Even though there will never be 98% jabbed like he says is needed to beat it.

  3. The stats flashed so fast, I couldn’t keep up so I focused on the music. Nice. I think I’ll listen again and catch a few more words….

  4. (¬‿¬) Thanks, refuse/resist, I caught most of them the first time. (It was the other words and fine print I was trying to read.)

  5. Most people have become incapable of true self-reflection and guilt. You know this is a fact.

    When it finally dawns on the ones who have been proudly vaxxed that they have been lied to and are now physically damaged, they will find any reason to be angry at everyone around them (including the non-vaxxed) but will not take responsibility. They will not admit that they were foolish, arrogant, or cowardly. Wait and see.

  6. “In the Hall of the Mountain King?” From the Peer Gynt Suite?

    You see Fauxi’s eyes? He blinks a lot when he lies.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. “They will not admit that they were foolish, arrogant, or cowardly.”

    This describes all my liberal friends. No way they ever admit they were wrong about their politics – even as they directly suffer from them.

  8. Still waiting on some Democrats who we’re friends of my Mom and Dad’s to call and at least admit they had it all wrong about the Kung Fu Flu and Orange Man Bad.

    Sadly the last and only time is when I see their names in the obituaries.

    Still praying 🙏 they come around.

  9. Only a rube would do what the government class says because only a rube would ignore the 10 Commandments

  10. It is going to be, for lack of a better word, interesting to see how we get through this year’s flu season. There is strong evidence that the “vaccine” compromises one’s immune system, and may just be more dangerous than the virus it is supposedly protecting us from. Obviously more data is needed, and it’s a crime that WE are forced to play the role of lab rat.

  11. Tim – FJB
    OCTOBER 14, 2021 AT 6:55 AM

    “You see Fauxi’s eyes? He blinks a lot when he lies.”


  12. The worst part of progtards’ denial is that they will say they were duped by all the “experts” and that the only reason we weren’t duped too is through sheer luck (because of our “ridiculous stubborness”), not because we had better information (which we tried desperately to tell them about).

  13. So I’m depending on the therapeutics of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, quercertin, or EGCg plus vitamin d, vitamin c, and zinc protocols that have been approved for years with have no medical side effects…..

    While you’re depending on the new mRNA therapeutic shots that you’ll have to take every 6-8 months that have side effects of blood clots, heart attacks, and infertility…..

    Who’s the “rube”….now….????

  14. This mans credintials for practicing medicine should be revoked for incompentence and malpractice. To obfuscate and outright ignore bogus medical information that could save lives is criminal. This Dr Mengele level stuff. Fauci is an evil hack and violated the Hippocratic Oath.

  15. I guess when you are protected by the lunatic left like Fauci is, he can say anything he wants and not worry about losing his job.

  16. I take comfort in the fact he cannot take his ill-gotten money with him when he dies.

    My dad’s wife withheld medicines from him because she wanted to have the money to live on after he died (yes, I filed an elder abuse complaint). Well, he died and guess what…she died 2 weeks later. Money – you can’t take it with you!

  17. When people start dropping like flies this winter Fauci and his goons will claim it is another variant of the kung flu and it is the unvaccinated causing it. That maggot needs to be hung from a DC lamp post.

  18. This Halloween instead of candy, I thought maybe I should hand out needles!
    On account of all those idiots that will need a second or third booster and for their children who are not at risk but they want vaccinated anyhow.


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