Eggs and Feminism

It says eggs and dairy are a product of the abuse of females.

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  1. These idiots apparently have no idea that chickens lay eggs pretty much every day regardless of whether a rooster is available to fertilize the eggs to make more baby chickens or not.

    That’s simply how God made them (or gaia or “nature” or whatever made them). They don’t “try” to lay eggs ….. they can’t help themselves from laying eggs. They lay eggs pretty much every day with no detriment to making more baby chickens.

    Chicken eggs contain practically every nutrient needed for humans to survive in small amounts except for vitamin C – the baby chicks start producing vitamin C in their livers within a few days of fertilization, so the egg itself doesn’t have to contain vitamin C. Eggs are now recognized by science as an almost perfect food for human consumption (as close as nature gets to providing every nutrient that the human body needs in a single item).

    The cholesterol scare 20+ years ago was more govt. sponsored nonsense that ultimately proved to be idiocy. If the eggs laid by chickens daily aren’t used for human consumption, they have to be destroyed and result in no benefit whatsoever to anyone including the chickens.

    How is not eating eggs supposed to be a good thing? That is simply wasting vauable nutrition.

  2. Gosh! I have just been outed as a non-feminist! Can I have some bacon with my eggs?! Some Coffee would be great too.

  3. Chicken farms have cages housing the individual hens, who have no contact with the roosters, many of whom are slaughtered early in life to be broiled, grilled, or fried.
    The caged areas are kept lit up at night to confuse the biorhythms so the hens can even lay more than one unfertilized egg a day.
    I’ll bet some of these nitwits think you could take a carton of refrigerated unfertilized eggs and hatch them.
    On the old fashioned side, I remember summers at my aunt and uncke’s farm, actually milking his dozen cows, who lined up morning and evening to have their milk extracted, and going into the henhouse actually pulling the eggs out from under the hens. Now, these eggs would have possibly developed into chickens as there were roosters present.
    I also remember my aunt beheading an occasional chicken, it running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off. After some cleaning and feather plucking, we had some nice fresh chicken 🍗.

  4. There is an upside to the low birth rate and pro-abortion stance among the loony Liberals … how many more of these lunatics can society stand ?

    It’s all in the demographics — we just need to out-reproduce them.

  5. It’s absolutely true!

    Feminists – or “Feminists” – eat SHIT and BARK at the MOON.

    They are a pack of raging mad dogs – the female of the canine species – and their phobias are more extensive than simply “hydro.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. …you can’t eat something that comes OUT of a vagina, but you can still eat a vagina?

    …and, of course, KILLING somthing that come out of YOUR vagina is totes okeedokee…

  7. That’s why it’s called “Animal Husbandry”, bitches. If we could teach them to make sandwiches with their hooves, we would.

  8. Been married 32 years, and the wife has never once laid an egg. Although she sometimes cackles as if she did…

  9. Somebody ought to follow the head of PETA around for a few days snapping pics of what she eats at restaurants. I suspect that you’d get images of her eating a lot of different foods that they rail against the public consuming. Make that into a billboard.
    In any event this one was a swing and a miss likely generating way more laughs at PETA than agreement with them.

  10. How much of our tax money does PETA get, anyway? Well, for starters, they do have exempt tax status as a 501(c)3.

    Read this (unvetted) piece and you tell me if it doesn’t sound just like any other Leftist, money laundering scheme:

  11. I much prefer egg-laying hens to the liberal cackling hens of the demorat party and PETA. Think Hillary the Cackling hen vs a real egg-laying hen. Which has more value to the world?

    Of course, in the parlance of show business, Hillary has laid a few eggs in her life, like in Nov. 2016.

  12. Anon: I guarantee you there are idiot leftist hippies who think you can put store bought eggs in an incubator and hatch chicks. I’ve had them come buy eggs from me and ask if they would hatch, when I tell them I have eggs that haven’t been refrigerated so they can hatch, but no guarantees they all will hatch, they have asked, “so refrigerating them is why they don’t hatch?” As the conversation continues I learn they tried to hatch store bought eggs and have to explain to them those are infertile eggs so even without refrigerating they will never hatch a chick, because it takes sperm to produce chicks. BTW, although it will be a real poor hatch, some fertile refrigerated eggs will hatch.

    I have found over the last 10 years or so people are really ignorant, backyard and hobby farmers have been some real entertainment for many of us farmers, but also one of the most frustrating and annoying things to happen in our lifetime.

  13. Well, what about plastic eastere egs? Will they hatch if I don’t keep em in ther frigerator?
    an di reelly like malted milk eggs – I tried to hatch them, two, but without not muck luck.

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