El Salvador Worried About Flood of Deported Gang Members

The tiny Latin American nation of El Salvador has taken note of the increased number of gang members being sent back to them from the United States and they are scrambling to come up with some means to track all the returning criminals.


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  1. Yup, tow that cage they are pictured in out to sea and sink it. Problem solved. In fact it’s a solution multiplier – food for fish and basis for new reef all in one. Plus, steel is cheap now.

  2. This year the U.S. government has deported 398 gang members to this country, compared with 534 in all of 2016, according to Salvadoran government statistics.

    Wikipedia says there are 70,000 gang members in MS-13 alone. At the accelerated deportation rate it would take 73 years just to deport the present MS-13 gang members. After my children are dead of old age, the gov can then start deporting the foreign members of hundreds of other gangs.

  3. 70,000 was the worldwide membership including Central America. AG Jeff Session says: The attorney general said there are now some 10,000 members of the violent Salvadoran gang in 40 states.

  4. I don’t think El Salvador has a constitution to hamper what needs to be done. Straight from the plane to prison and a guillotine.

  5. Simple prisoner handover. Salvadoran cops put their cuffs on, we then take ours off.

    No need for costly trials arguing minutiae and degrees of guilt. This is Salvador. Bang, bang, and it’s Miller time.

    We will eventually arrive at the same procedures. Gang member? Execution. Next!
    Because it’s the only way a huge sprawling nation can ever free itself from invading Cartels.
    We just need a feel-good marketing name for limited martial law against violent gangs.
    Something to make single Connecticut soccer moms driving Subaru’s feel “safe” and good about themselves at the same time.

  6. Hey El Salvador, seize the opportunity and eradicate this scourge that’s plagued your country, starting with your corrupt govt officials.
    The establishment in DC whines about USAID budget cuts, yet no one ever challenges them as to how much money goes to corrupt govts of these countries.

  7. In Riyadh, Trump signaled the Sunni King of Bahrain we will no longer be giving him instructions on how to treat his Shiite majority. We’re not “here to lecture,” Trump assured the Arab royals.
    After the conclave, the king’s police killed five and wounded dozens of demonstrators outside the home of a Shiite cleric, and arrested 286 of his supporters.

    Of greater concern to Trump and Tillerson is the retention of the Persian Gulf naval base of the U.S. 5th Fleet in Bahrain.

  8. How did we let this happen? Immigrants used to be thoroughly screened before admission to our country. A sponsor was required and was responsible for the immigrant. We should go back to that system if we continue allowing immigration. A moratorium on immigration is needed until all these issues can be addressed.

  9. Ya know, government/religious leaders wield as much power as their citizens/adherents yield.

    We fought the revolutionary & civil wars, enacted the 1964 Civil Rights Act, evolved as a nation, to live in a society unencumbered by a repressive tyrannical govt, thanks to the 2A.

    That people of other nations refused to fight oppression and/or willfully follow repressive religions, should be a matter for them to accept or resolve.

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