Elder: People Are Not Dying Just Because Of The Pandemic

While a large portion of the conversation about the CCP Virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus, centers around minimizing deaths from the disease, other related deaths may also be a concern. Larry discusses the dangers of what’s being called “deaths of despair,” stemming from unemployment and other hardship. Also, Wise Latina Justice Sotomayor forgets she’s mic’d as she visits the restroom.

5 Comments on Elder: People Are Not Dying Just Because Of The Pandemic

  1. I anyone thinks this idea of the Deep State controlling people through a bogus “virus” is going to end at this is seriously delusional.

    This is just the beginning.

    Wake the fuck up, world.

    The ONLY way to eliminate this tyranny is to eliminate the tyrants. This would normally involve using the justice system, but that’s just ridiculous at this point.

    That only leaves one other option, and most Americans don’t have the stomach for it.

  2. So Sonia reprises the Frank Dreben role in ‘Naked Gun’ and grunts one out when on microphone.. The Wise Latina should be really careful since diabetes is a major issue with the corona virus.

  3. For those under 50 the liberal liar putting
    “the Wise latina” on the Fed court was the father of our first Muslim President, GHWB 1991!

  4. @an ol exahargead ~ just an fyi … Racist Sotomayor & Kagan (of the low IQ) were both the legacy of Barky O … the only damage he succeeded in doing to the SCOTOS

    an aside: are you a parody of ‘an ol’ exjarhead’?

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