Election Day 2016 – IOTW Report

Election Day 2016


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  1. Love it.
    Thanks, Claudia.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Makes the heart swell! Thanks Claudia. Nice job.

  3. I found a bunny playing in traffic last night. Cute little thing, and very tame. Put up a sign and hopefully the owner will claim him.

    Will send pics.

  4. I always enjoy your animals, Claudia. Thanks!

    Happy Daylight Savings Sunday, everybody.

    A beautiful sunny morning here in D.C.

  5. Can I grab the ones in the first picture?


  6. #1 Three little kittens cast their ballots, and all were for President Trump.When they were asked why, they all said with a sigh, to you do we look a chump?
    #2 “Baracck er no on election day vote Trump Pence, Barrrack I mean Trumpp”
    #3 “I held my nose and voted, and now I can’t get it to stop”
    #4 “I know you look at me and think as regal as I am I voted for hillary. But you’re wrong. I voted for Trump because my mama didn’t raise any dumb kittens”.
    #5 “Barrack er What #2 said Barrack er TRUMP TRUMP!”.
    #6 “On my way to vote for Trump. Gonna Make America Great Again”
    #7 Tim Kaine was seen casting his ballot earlier today.
    #8 “I’m slow so I’m getting a head start to the polling place to cast my vote for Trump. See ya Tuesday”
    #9 Down here in Texas even the cats support Trump
    #10 “I voted voted voted I voted voted for TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP”
    #11 “Don’t be a Dumb Pup. Vote Trump Pence this Tuesday”.
    #12 “Don’t be my back end. Vote for Trump Pence this Tuesday”.

    Don’t forget to vote everyone. And thanks again Claudia.

    I’m SineWaveII and no one paid me for this message.

  7. Great post, Claudia.
    Your critters always come through.
    Go, Trump !!!

  8. Go vote, ya buncha animals! (And thank you, Claudia!)

  9. The cats each having nine lives, did they each vote nine times?
    Thanks for the great pix, Claudia

  10. These photos are just darling, Claudia. Especially, The Three Little Kittens! 🙂

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