Election MASTER CLASS on Forensic Quadits – IOTW Report

Election MASTER CLASS on Forensic Quadits

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer shows the difference between real and fake vote ballots.
Lots of details.

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  1. I know Rumble just went public.
    I do so hope they hire some decent coders who can make their product usable.

    I want them to succeed so much but it is hard for me to use their product.
    Yes YouTube is a bunch of assholes and they’ve been around long enough to work out the bugs, but damn, night and day!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me Rumble is up to the task and ON THIS!
    As for now it’s garbage.

  2. It’s not just the poor audio & video quality of Rumble.
    I could design a better user interface in a day.
    What the actual fuck?
    Do I expect too much from our side?

    Perhaps they are using Amazon or some other big tech servers that are covertly throttling them?

    Perhaps it’s the fucking evil Chinese?
    Sum ting wong…

  3. Jovan Philyaw AKA “Gayboy” Pulitzer. Idiot behind the CueCat failure. Man behind bamboo fiber bullshit. Snakeoil salesman & charlatan are alive & well in this scam artist.

    So you didn’t watch the video, but you call him a scam artist (like the Bidens).
    The only ‘gayboy’ is your former vice president. He’s gay for boys.


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