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Electric Bikes

Magnum sent this in, worried that I wouldn’t post it because “I hate bikes.”

I love bikes. I hate bike riders.

Electric bikes are actually not that annoying because they can go the speed minimum on some town roads. The only weird thing about them is that they are the go-to vehicle for people who have lost their licenses due to DUIs, especially in Florida. (Not kidding.)

This is a great video with some great looking e-Bikes.



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  1. That was great to watch. Bike looks like fun to ride. Best wishes for continued success for this very young entrepreneur. And by success I mean that people choose to buy them, not that a govt forces us to do so.

  2. Whatever, Fur. They are your biker friends. Every time we come across one it’s a race to say it first, “BFH’s friend!”

  3. In NC, mopeds are the preferred choice of those who’ve lost their licenses due to DUI’s. Ergo, mopeds are affectionately called Liquor-sickles.

  4. Liquor Sickles? Pretty funny! Around Tucson, they put motors on ’em. Under 50cc doesn’t require a license, though most I’m aware of look like a 50cc, but are actually 70cc. Dead giveaway for the cops is they’ll do 50mph, so they aren’t fooling anyone. The guys I know who build ’em are aways fixing ’em because the little motors tear a bike frame apart.

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